The year has really just flown by for 2017 so far. Its a been a crazy few months lots of great things, great rides and new additions to the group. Finding a place to start is a little mind blowing on my end, so please bare with me as I may be jumping around a little. But lets start with the one of the guys Ol’ Chance Stone tying the knot with Breann Chambers on March 18th. What a amazing wedding to be part of, it was truly awesome for all of us to be part of their special day.

In early March we held a fund raiser event for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. A good ol fashion goat roping. Big shout out to Skippys and community of Queen Creek helping the event be even bigger than we imagined it would be. The night was full of laughs, roping, and a little naa naa from the goats but it was a blast. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event to be part of it. The part that humbled us all was being at the Children’s Hospital, I can say for my self it left impression I will not forget.  Those are kids are the bravest and most courageous little ones I have ever met in my life. We got the tour of the facility and the money raised goes to the hope side for the game room that Garth Brooks has donated to build for these hospitals. As Shane said we put on a fun event so the kids could have fun. The game room has so many things in it for those kids for all ages, live TV to play bingo for the kids who can’t leave there rooms. Gives them the opportunity to interact with the other kids in the hospital. We all where blown away with the thought and time they have put into making those kids life’s so enjoyable they hopefully they forget why they are in there. It was something that I will never forget. One little guy remarked the doc rubbed some medicine on my leg, it all good and I’m ready to go. The whole experience left a impression on us for the rest of our lives. I would recommend to anyone to get involved for day or a hour or two, it will leave a impression that you won’t forget.

March was also filled with lots good rides from the guys. Shane Morin got the split for the win in globe. Cody Collet got scholarship to Las Cruces NM to rodeo. Brandon got promotion and has been slowly working his way back into the arena. John has been entering rodeos all across the country and we look for him to have another great year in the turquoise circuit. We also added a few Bull Riders to the team this year. Hunter Kelly and Kayleb Erwin, they will be rocking the 232 Ranch Shirts this year at rodeos. We are looking for big things for them in 2017.

As we move deeper into 2017, I will do my best to keep up with the blogging and pictures, just been busy but still no excuse. Look for a update next week after we get back from Needles, CA. Until then take deep seat, get that far away look in your eye and the let the good times Roll!!!!!

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Summer Adventures

As Aug starts to wind down, things have been moving right along for the guys.

Last weekend at the Welcome Home Ranch, Gilbert AZ Anndee White set up a rodeo clinic for the Bareback and Saddle Bronc riders. We all where lucky to be part of the clinic and help teach the next generation of rough stock riders. In the Bronc riding it was Steve Dolarhide and Justen Washburn, in the Bareback riding was Larry Sandvick and myself. Carter Williams, Trevor Haught and Cody Demers picked up at the school. But also provided valuable insight to what they do out there to the students, showed them what they look for and see, to help kids get a better understanding. We had a mix bag of steers riders to older guys just out of high school wanting to start. Larry provided extra equipment to students that needed it from Wildman riggins. Justen and Steve did a great job with bronc riders, pretty hard not learn from those guys. Milo Dewitt brought some great stock for the students to learn on. Jason Keith provided a pen of steers for the steer riders. Denise Mcginley provided all the sports medicine with the students and spent some time with each group discussing stretching, staying in shape and what she and her team provides. What I got the most enjoyment out of was seeing the smiles out of the students and wanting to learn more. A big thank you to everyone who cam out, from the guys in the ArizonaWildbunch, Chauncey Kirby, Jaydon Ray, Dillon Jenson, many more and most of all the students that came out to put it on the line to learn. A big thank you to the GCPRA for supplying a free membership for 2017 for the top student. This year’s top student went to Heath in the Bareback riding, who will be cracking out this winter.

The guys all had a great summer run, from the fourth to today. Everyone is spread out again, Shane up is up in Cody WY trying to qualify for there summer series finials, John is out and about getting all the last rodeo counts in to qualify for the All American Series, Chance and Brandon have been chasing those white lines and taking care of business along the way. The guys have been working to hard to full fill some personal goals this year and they are very close with the fall rodeos around the corner.

The bulls have a had a few weeks off and should be ready to roll at the bull riding in September for Cowboy for Causes in Tucson. Then its 4 weeks straight of rodeos they will be bucking at.

The summer has been full of some memories and great times that’s for sure. Looking forward to the cooler weather around the corner this fall and some rodeo’s.

To steal something I seen on facebook earlier, hope your summer has been nothing short of making memories and stealing tales. Hopefully see you all down the road this fall making your own memories. Until next time keep your chin tucked and your spurs high.





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Cowboy Christmas around the corner

Fourth of July is just around the corner. Cowboy Christmas is coming up and the guys have full plate ahead of them. The 232 Ranch will  have bulls out at Show Low, Springerville and Taylor with /M Rodeo. The guys will busy with rodeos from AZ, TX, CO and NM. Everyone has been busy getting ready and looking forward to getting out the valley heat here. The Bulls have been to the spa and getting some good feed to prepare them for cowboys they will draw over the fourth. Below are some pictures over the last few months. Chance and Shane made it up to South Dakota for the mustache bulls and broncs rodeo. Brandon has finally gotten to be home on regular basis and get back to focusing on rodeo’s. Carter has been busy playing cowboy doing preg checks and well just playing cowboy. John has been chasing rodeo’s all over the southwest this last few months, got the win at Payson, AZ PRCA rodeo. Now we all get a chance to take a deep breath and focus on the fourth run.  Until next time keep your rosin dry, chin tucked and toes out!


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The year is Rolling Right along

Well its towards the end of May, things have been rolling right along for the us. Everyone is getting spread out again with rodeo’s. We are finishing up the month with a few big events left for May. Chance and Shane are heading to Interior, SD for the Stash Bash being held up there, I know they are pretty excited about it. Looks like they have guys from all over entered up. Shane and Chance are pretty fired up to get up t13139200_1271174436244447_2792565171810047839_nhere and Rep the 232 Arizona Wildbunch, we are all hoping they come home with the cool buckle they are giving away. Brandon’s been busy getting settled into married life, but all looks good for him to hit the road hard and make up some ground. John has been busy hitting the trail hard, has been just chipping at them. Carter has been busy getting horse going and taking care the stock for /M, with the El Frida, AZ bull riding just around the corner for us, we have a lot of busy work we gotta get done. The bulls have been hanging out, one our top bulls After Us branded 232 is still trying to heal up from getting sore at the Cottonwood rodeo. Hoping by the 4th he is ready to go, making progress slowly on his back foot. After the El Frida bull riding we have a good month off before they are all back on the road for the fourth of July. 3 rodeo’s in 4 days should make it busy loading and unloading. Been a blast so far, I do miss nodding my head on those bucking horses, but this stock contracting has helped ease it a little. Its been a blast especially watching the family getting involved and helping out. Rodeo just can do that can’t explain it but it some how can always bring everyone together. The goal is to get our bulls to the GCPRA Finals, hoping the guys like what we have so far. Got a few things cooking on the back burner hopefully to make things that much more fun. Had a new Bareback rider crack out this May, young guy just learning but is picking it up pretty quick. Pretty cool getting help and hopefully he will get out of this way life more than we hope for him. Aug 13 and 14th we have Bareback and Bronc riding school that will be going that we are pretty excited about at the Welcome home ranch in Gilbert AZ. Will try to do a better job in keeping everyone posted on whats been going on, been pretty busy this year so far. Keep your rowls a rolling and let the good times roll until next time.

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2016 off and Running

Its just the start of 2016 and things have really started with a bang. I’m really happy with what the guys have done and where we are at for the rest of the year. A few big things have happened so far this year for us, and we are excited about the year ahead. First we we bought in on Slash M rodeo and now supplying bucking bulls for the rodeo’s for the GCPRA and College rodeo’s in the region. We are excited about this, its a first of many steps as we move forward. Spoke the Needles California committee and we have a bounty bull for their rodeo coming up next weekend. The bull is properly named Needles, he has been rode for 82 pts at the CAC College Rodeo in Florence, AZ. Since we named the bull after them, and some of you know they moved the rodeo back a few years ago by a weekend so me and my beautiful wife could be married and not miss Rodeo. I thought it would be a great way to repay them by having a bounty bull at their rodeo. Especially one that really bucks. Very excited about everything we got going with the bulls. Our Stock Contracting Company is called 232 Ranch and Rodeo. Looking forward to very challenging and be yet awarding year of rodeos in AZ. The guys have been plugging right along with everything helping out and getting things moving forward. That started off our Feb for 2016, then in March we all got to be part of a very cool wedding for Brandon and Brittinie, it was great day. Especially Brandon serenading Brit with George Strait song is that your chair. It was a by far a one of the best wedding’s have had been honored to attend. Everything was set up for a good ol’ country wedding. It was a Blast but also awesome to see our good friends to take part in something so special. I can’t put it to words. Now everyone is off and running we, will be at Needles, CA. this weekend. From what I have gathered we should have full numbers out this year, everyone is excited with the winter rodeo’s done down here its time to hit the road. That is all I have heard, plans are being made and the guys will be traveling some miles this spring. If ya see us with a 232 Ranch shirt on please say hello, looking forward to where things will be in a few months. But most of all where we all will be at the end of the year. Until next time fast time and high scores.

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