JasonJason Minic – Professional Rodeo Cowboy

3X Senior Pro Rodeo World Champion Bareback Rider

Motto: Let the good times Roll

Traveling Partners: JT Cox, Brian jason1Martinau, Colby Seventek, Trevor Haught

Favorite Music When Traveling: Anything thats upbeat and on my ITouch

Favorite Movie: Junior Bonner and anything about cowboys

Hero: Dad, Mom, brothers, JT Cox


Career Highlihts:

2014 – Senior World Champion Bareback Rider, SNFR Bareback riding Average Champion, Region 3 Champion Bareback Rider SPRA, Grants NM Champion, Buckeye, AZ Champion, Marana AZ Champion, Show Low, AZ Champion, Magdelina, NM Champion, Crawford, NE 2nd Place, Belen, NM 2nd place

2014 – GCPRA Finalist top 5jason4

2013 – Senior World Champion Bareback rider, 2013 SNFR average champion, Southwest Circuit Bareback Rider

2013 -Douglas, WY champion, Estest park Champion, Grants, Nm co-champion, Buckey,AZ champion, Wickenberg, AZ champion

2013 – GCPRA Finals Qualifier Top 3

2013 – Needles, CA champion, Camp Verde, AZ Champion, Durango, CO shoot out Qualifier with top finish, Top 3 at Lake Havasu, AZ, Apache Junction, AZ 2nd Round Champion and 3rd Round runner up.

2012 Senior World Champion Bareback Rider, 2012 Bareback Average winner Senior National Finals, Southwest Circuit Champion Bareback Rider

2011 and 2012 GCPRA Finalist

High School Rodeo Finalist 1991, College Rodeo Finalist 1994 and 1995

Riden a Bucking Horse in just about every state

Turquise Circuit Finalist, NPRA Finalist, GCPRA Finalist and NMRA Finalist

2009 – Year End Reserve Bareback Champion, Six Pack Series Champion, Duncan, AZ Champion, Benson, AZ Champion, Parker, AZ Champion, Glendale AZ competed in the Toughes Rodeo

Favorite 2009 Memory – Taveling with my buddies, Tacoma, WA., having over $3500 in checks between three of us, but no cash did not want to cash our checks at Pawn Shop so we used every penny, nickle and dime to get home from CO, even had money for food, thats a lot of spare change floating around in the truck. Brian paid for the gas in change and every gas station clerk had the same face of, “are you kidding me” $60 in change to count out.

2006 – Tombstone, AZ Champion 84 pts, GCPRA Finalist

2007 – GCPRA Year End Reserve Champion, Globe,AZ, Wilcox, AZ, Belen, NM, Six Pack series ChampioSilverCity

2008 – Camp Verde,AZ Southwest Bull riding association Bareback Riding Champion,GCPRA Finalist, NMRA finalist, New Mexico govenor tour finalist

Traveling partners are like your brothers. When your down they are there to pick you up and challenge you. They got your back no matter what happens.

Every rodeo is like a bank we roll in, tape up and take their money without asking. Just like back in the old west days. Ride Wild Bunch Ride!!!!!!!!!!!