Spring 2018

Well its Spring 2018, been awhile since I have been on here. What a year it has been so far lots of rodeo’s all the guys seem to be taking care of business and working towards the next level.

We just finished up with the spring run which included lots of college rodeos for us and the bull. The guys have been running around hitting any rodeo they can get into lately. With all that said its been a crazy spring so far and keeping caught up is the name of the game right now. Overall not much has changed we have been busy bucking bulls, spurring horses and looking for the next good time. Few of the guys have been have taken on some extra responsibility this year, for starters, Shane was elected to the GCPRA Board of directors for the bareback riding. Brandon has opened up his own side business which has kept him hoping around like a bunny. Marco has been rolling on with his bull riding. Kayleb moved to Texas for college rodeo’s. Wyatt has been making it tough for the rest of the bull riders to win money. Chance has been keeping busy between getting on broncs and occasionally talked into entering the ranch bronc riding here and there. Long but quick story but he got it done on the ranch bronc riding side of things. JT has been busy working and well getting talked into helping run bulls around. Things are starting to get back to the good ol days of just rodeo after rodeo and the guys doing what they do best beat em for the money when it counts. I will get a more in-depth post up soon just been way over the top with keeping up with everything. Found out the hard way its no fun changing flats with a trailer full of bulls on the side of a busy highway. Well we are off the next one CottonWood AZ ranch bronc and bull bash, then we roll into bagdad AZ for the GCPRA and get ready for our fourth of July run. From what I have been hearing sounds like we have guys entered from northwest to the southwest. Until next time take a deep seat, get that far away look in the eye and let the good times roll!

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