Summer Adventures

As Aug starts to wind down, things have been moving right along for the guys.

Last weekend at the Welcome Home Ranch, Gilbert AZ Anndee White set up a rodeo clinic for the Bareback and Saddle Bronc riders. We all where lucky to be part of the clinic and help teach the next generation of rough stock riders. In the Bronc riding it was Steve Dolarhide and Justen Washburn, in the Bareback riding was Larry Sandvick and myself. Carter Williams, Trevor Haught and Cody Demers picked up at the school. But also provided valuable insight to what they do out there to the students, showed them what they look for and see, to help kids get a better understanding. We had a mix bag of steers riders to older guys just out of high school wanting to start. Larry provided extra equipment to students that needed it from Wildman riggins. Justen and Steve did a great job with bronc riders, pretty hard not learn from those guys. Milo Dewitt brought some great stock for the students to learn on. Jason Keith provided a pen of steers for the steer riders. Denise Mcginley provided all the sports medicine with the students and spent some time with each group discussing stretching, staying in shape and what she and her team provides. What I got the most enjoyment out of was seeing the smiles out of the students and wanting to learn more. A big thank you to everyone who cam out, from the guys in the ArizonaWildbunch, Chauncey Kirby, Jaydon Ray, Dillon Jenson, many more and most of all the students that came out to put it on the line to learn. A big thank you to the GCPRA for supplying a free membership for 2017 for the top student. This year’s top student went to Heath in the Bareback riding, who will be cracking out this winter.

The guys all had a great summer run, from the fourth to today. Everyone is spread out again, Shane up is up in Cody WY trying to qualify for there summer series finials, John is out and about getting all the last rodeo counts in to qualify for the All American Series, Chance and Brandon have been chasing those white lines and taking care of business along the way. The guys have been working to hard to full fill some personal goals this year and they are very close with the fall rodeos around the corner.

The bulls have a had a few weeks off and should be ready to roll at the bull riding in September for Cowboy for Causes in Tucson. Then its 4 weeks straight of rodeos they will be bucking at.

The summer has been full of some memories and great times that’s for sure. Looking forward to the cooler weather around the corner this fall and some rodeo’s.

To steal something I seen on facebook earlier, hope your summer has been nothing short of making memories and stealing tales. Hopefully see you all down the road this fall making your own memories. Until next time keep your chin tucked and your spurs high.





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