The year is Rolling Right along

Well its towards the end of May, things have been rolling right along for the us. Everyone is getting spread out again with rodeo’s. We are finishing up the month with a few big events left for May. Chance and Shane are heading to Interior, SD for the Stash Bash being held up there, I know they are pretty excited about it. Looks like they have guys from all over entered up. Shane and Chance are pretty fired up to get up t13139200_1271174436244447_2792565171810047839_nhere and Rep the 232 Arizona Wildbunch, we are all hoping they come home with the cool buckle they are giving away. Brandon’s been busy getting settled into married life, but all looks good for him to hit the road hard and make up some ground. John has been busy hitting the trail hard, has been just chipping at them. Carter has been busy getting horse going and taking care the stock for /M, with the El Frida, AZ bull riding just around the corner for us, we have a lot of busy work we gotta get done. The bulls have been hanging out, one our top bulls After Us branded 232 is still trying to heal up from getting sore at the Cottonwood rodeo. Hoping by the 4th he is ready to go, making progress slowly on his back foot. After the El Frida bull riding we have a good month off before they are all back on the road for the fourth of July. 3 rodeo’s in 4 days should make it busy loading and unloading. Been a blast so far, I do miss nodding my head on those bucking horses, but this stock contracting has helped ease it a little. Its been a blast especially watching the family getting involved and helping out. Rodeo just can do that can’t explain it but it some how can always bring everyone together. The goal is to get our bulls to the GCPRA Finals, hoping the guys like what we have so far. Got a few things cooking on the back burner hopefully to make things that much more fun. Had a new Bareback rider crack out this May, young guy just learning but is picking it up pretty quick. Pretty cool getting help and hopefully he will get out of this way life more than we hope for him. Aug 13 and 14th we have Bareback and Bronc riding school that will be going that we are pretty excited about at the Welcome home ranch in Gilbert AZ. Will try to do a better job in keeping everyone posted on whats been going on, been pretty busy this year so far. Keep your rowls a rolling and let the good times roll until next time.

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