Fall/Winter = Finals

I apologize for the delay in posting. Not to make excuses it has been an extremely busy year inside and outside the arena for all of us. We started a new business while attending to business in the arena. Where to start??? Its that time of the year, which means did our hard work pay off to qualify for Finals we set goals for. Well it did, we had guys qualify for the Turquoise Circuit Finals, GCPRA Finals, NMRA Finals and the Senior Pro NFR. Brandon Smith, Brandon put together a great year in the bareback riding, placing at pro rodeos, from Poway, CA, to Mesquite TX. He is also setting 3rd in the GCPRA within shot of the #1 guy going into the finals next weekend. John Killian, qualified for the circuit finals this last October and is setting 4th in the GCPRA standing heading into the Finals next weekend. Chance Stone, still on the comeback trail put together a really good year in the Saddle bronc riding and bull riding. He qualified for the GCPRA Finals in the top 10. He has been putting in the extra work outside the arena to improve his mind set and skills. Shane Morin, qualified for the GCPRA finals, but after a injury riddled year and getting off his last horse in Mesquite, TX last Spring, he had to take time off to heal up. After a month of working out and getting things right he looks primed to make some great rides in Ft Mohave at the AVI. Shane also put together a benefit for Children with Hair Loss, he grew his hair out all summer then we cut it raising money for the Children, it was a successful event. Kyle Marly, finished the year out at Benson fighting bulls for /M, he is now the main man for the bullfighting for /M. Taking shoots two weekends in a row and saving lock rowel riders. He is really starting to perfect his craft as a cowboy life saver. Jason Minic, had a solid year went into the Senior NFR setting 2nd in the World, qualified for the GCPRA Finals again. The 4 peat didn’t happen for him. On the roping end, he has improved his skills and is working hard to be more of a complete all around cowboy. We will see what 2016 brings for him and the rest of the group. Arizona Wildbunch has also formed the 232 Ranch with Carter Williams, in doing this we have been able to get a pick up horse selected to Benny Binions Bucking Horse and Bull Sale. Nice looking burnt buckskin properly named Kristoff, named by Jason’s Daughter Mckynlee off the movie Frozen. Ha kids they can come up the craziest things. We are all pretty excited about this new opportunity for the group and are looking forward to seeing how it all goes. If you get a chance come out to the sale during the NFR on Dec 5th to see what Kristoff brings. Who ever ends up purchasing him will be extremely happy with him. Work both ends in the team roping and a hell of a pick up horse. We will do a better job with updates, hopefully see a few this week on what is happening with the guys.

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