July Run

Well we just finished the 4th of July Cowboy Christmas run. Some will have a few days off and other get to have full week off, but the dog days of summer are here. Its pull your hat down and keep moving forward. Here is recap of how the guys did over the fourth run. Brandon – he got the win at show low on his re-ride horse after his first horse flipped over on him coming out of the chutes. He gathered back up and then pulled out heading to Pagosa Springs, CO were he finished 2nd in the bareback riding. John – was all over the southwest, he entered everything he could, finished in the crying hole at a few big rodeos but pulled a first place ride out Springerville on the afternoon of the fourth and headed over to Taylor that night. Kyle – was busy fighting bulls between show low, springerville and Taylor all with in 24 hours of each other. Had some great saves at show low that I’m sure the bull riders will thank him for. Chance – made show low friday night, got up and made the short round in a roping, then shortly after that jumped in the truck for his horse Saturday afternoon at Springerville. Then turned back around to try to make the books at Taylor. Brittinie – roped breakaway at both show low and Pagosa Springs. Shane – still nursing a bad shoulder followed doctors orders and stayed home. Hopefully this will allow him to hit the road hard in few weeks. Jason – well started in Grants on the first and ended in Linden AZ. The weather with perfs being pushed back caused me to miss Show Low by far one of my favorite rodeos to ride at. Then got up headed to Grants for my 3 rd horse and then came back to miss Taylor, but ended up in the roping on Sunday, which helped get rid of the bad attitude I had from missing a couple of rodeos this year. But gained a whole new perspective for hauling a horse to rodeos. Easier to throw a gear bag around than load and unload a horse. Also you can drive a just a little bit faster when your not pulling a trailer as well. All in all, it was a good fourth for everyone and still have a lot of rodeos left for the July and year to get to. Until next time keep your chin tucked and let the good times roll.

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