The Heat is coming

Quick recap on the past month of how things have gone for the guys. Been a mix bag of good and bad, life on the rodeo trail. Lets start with Brandon – man he has been on a roll as of late. Nobody is prouder or happier for him than me. Its started in Needles, CA at the GCPRA rodeo, he got a rematch on a horse that dis-located his shoulder few years ago when he was trying to cut his teeth. Ol Sandy Loam of /M Rodeos, I seen him at breakfast he was like I got Sandy tonight, I was like your a totally different rider now, its all good. He was like rematch, she gonna regret dislocating my shoulder. I said get em. Well he rolled up and if you haven’t seen the video on Facebook, you should know it was a pretty jam up ride. He did give her the iron and let em fly. Then he rolled over to Cali with a couple of guys for the spring rodeos. Didn’t draw a check but you could see the confidence building, he gave one the boot at one of the PRCA rodeos over there. Then we all decided to go hit a run in Texas and test out metal out. We didn’t get entered the way we planned but, we still said lets go anyways. Instead of hitting 3 rodeos over there we hit 2 and caught the GCPRA rodeo back in Tucson on the way  back home. (that’s another story) Well we rolled into Mesquite, TX just hoping we would make it on time, trust me we cut it close. He was gunner got a one that lead him around the arena, but instead of just holding on, he kept hustling and the that hustle paid off for his first PRCA check. After a few drinks driving around lost, we headed for Lufkin, TX he had Miss Dunny drawn up that night. And I can’t put into words watching him, the gate swings open and instead of claming up on a good one, he just let em fly, she came around back to the right real tight in circle bogging her head and kicking out and hanging in the air. If it didn’t get your blood running nothing will I guess for bareback riders. Then after that rolled into Globe had Miss Hollywood of /M Scott Mcdaniels drawn up, he just went right to her, beat her to the punch and let em fly again. Personally I could of said a few things I don’t know what the winning rides looked like the night before, but he sure could of been a bunch more in my opinion. Long story short with out complaining for him he should won it.  My opinion its like a deposit for the next big one, they owe him.  He is off to Payson and Ramona this weekend. So catch up to him and say hello. Shane has been basically on the disabled list since Apache Junction hang up. He jumped out against doctors orders and tried to go at it anyways. The collarbone decided  differently, he suffered through a tuff few rides. Which he knows he would love to have back, but all I gotta say is that is tuff when you can’t even pick your gear bag up and can still hold onto em spurring for good rides. Its tough to argue with someone that tough. I recommend that he just turn out of Tucson or Visible injury. But nope he was like hey you guys have been carrying the load I feel like I owe it to you guys to cowboy up for some money. That’s a traveling partner. Well he did and finished one hole out of the money. Now he is back in rehab and trying to get ready for the June runs through the southwest. John has been hot as well, he’s just been quietly placing everywhere and running off to the next one. Not making a big deal of it just taking care of business. I haven’t heard from him how his run last weekend went but I believe he split the win at Globe. He is hitting Payson, Roswell, Romona and trying to get into Vegas. He set a goal of wining the rookie of the year and concentrating on finishing high in that goal. Which when he gets determined it like dealing with a blank wall. I have no doubt he will. Chance has had a good spring as well, finished 2nd at Needles in the Saddle Bronc, placed in a few bull ridings and would be doing good on the roping end if his partner (me, Jason) would catch two feet he would of had a hell of spring. I guess if his roping partner would hold up, he would of been sitting real tight for the all around. But I was like if I can’t win it your not either. LOL.  Kyle has been fighting bulls for Scott with college rodeos and GCPRA rodeos its kept him pretty busy. He is enjoying working with a very good friend for one last year Corey Chavez, who plans to call it wrap after this year. I think they are both trying their best to have the all time save so they can have something to BS about when the are older. I can hear it now, he Corey remember that rodeo were I saved you and Corey saying ya thank god you can’t jump higher than a beer can or I would of been smoked. LOL. Brittinie has been working hard and won the team roping with a good friend Cody Skinner in Needles, CA, they twisted one for just under 8 flat. They were pumped, add Brandons success to it and well you can just imagine the night they all had. Wish ol Tom from DKDphotography was still around cause I know he would of got some great shots of the celebration, even if they didn’t know he was taken them. Miss Ya Tom... Well now me Jason don’t got much good news, just been either out of the money or picking up dirt clods for a collection that I have decided I don’t wanna do. But they keep showing up, so I guess I will collect them. I’m taking some time off with the new babe on the way and getting caught up on the property. So I can hit the end of June and fourth run with a clear mind and larger family. Good news for me to see happening, is how the guys have started to take off doing what they have wanted to do. Be it good or bad, they are all working double hard to succeed in there passion. Which rodeo or no rodeo having a passion drives the fires and makes the good that much better and the bad tolerable. I have said it million times its a marathon not a sprint. I gotta say its also great to see in the last few rodeos for the GCPRA we have had 4 new BB riders show up, young guns working there way through the ropes. But after Cottonwood which would of had most guys thinking this is not for me riding all those rank horses that were out, they showed up at Globe with smiles and ready to roll. Gotta chance to visit with em, learned one thing, they are hungry. I’m excited to see that, they really wanna learn and be successful.  Quick shout out to my bud Kyle Charlie, great to see him out owning to his word for Tom, the guy has been hot. Nothing but the best to him. Even if he wears yellow chaps. But he has been spurring em and winning. Pretty cool to sit back and watch all these AZ cowboys getting to the pay window so much.  So to all the guys out going hard the next few weeks and the new guys working on getting there. Let the good times roll, toes out, and let them rowls sing. Loose rowl mafia.

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