2014 in the books

Well 2014 is now officially over and in the books for the accountants to figure out. It was a great year for our bunch. It was a year that tried some of us but also a year that bought some big titles to the group. Could not be more proud of the guys for there efforts this year in always trying to bust their butts to make it that much closer to their dream, that dream never dies or loses spark to light the fire to go even harder the next year. I will do a little recap on the year for everyone and what we have in store for next year 2015. The fire burns and the guys are already working out and getting ready for 2015 even just 48 hours after the last one of the year. Recap begins so bare with me as I go through this but there should be some good things you will see that guys worked their butts off for. Chance started the year off little rocky hitting a big win at the membership rodeo then took a fence post the head at Apache Junction. The rodeo family gathered everyone up through Chris Murin and put a benefit rodeo to help him keep a float. He showed up at the benefit rodeo leg in a walking boat a little beat up but still in high spirits and never lost sight of cracking back out in the same year. Which he did, ended up qualifying for the GCPRA Finals in the Saddle Bronc riding, needless to say I think its gonna take more than losing a bet to get him back on a bareback horse. Shane cut a swath through the country hitting everything he could find or that would let him in. Rodeos from AZ and NM to norhtwest to Louisville KY. he never slowed down. Qualified for finals in NPRA and GCPRA and had top 10 finishes in both. And came away with some good stories and new goal to 2015 to also qualify for the PRS Finals. He won second at the first one he went to and never looked back on it just kept on pushing forward. Brandon, started on fire and finished on fire. 2nd at Marana, but then that fire decided to burn his hand off, after recovering he then cracked back out winning Springerville, AZ fourth of July rodeo. It was a big win, which pushed him right on into qualifying again for the GCPRA Finals were had a strong showing placing in the first round. John well did what he wanted to do win NMRA BB riding and GCPRA BB riding, did both for the year end. He then to top it off won the All Around in the GCPRA by riding bulls at a few select rodeos. Filled his permit and qualified for the turquoise circuit finals. and is chomping at the bit to get at em again for 2015. Kyle started out looking for contractor to fight for, worked his way from the Chip to Scott’s /M Rodeo Company. Earned the trust of the bull riders in AZ and took a couple of good hookings from a few select bulls. We plan on seeing him back with /M fighting next to Cory Chavez and protecting the bullriders through out 2015. Myself started with a bang had a few injuries, slowed up, then got married to beautiful girl and then hit em back up, Won the Senior World Title and average in Vegas. Qualified for the GCPRA don’t now what number it is anymore, but have bigger things in sight for 2015. The GCPRA finals was a great time for all of us, we won some money as group and the pick up men and bull fighters did there jobs as well with the stock that was selected to go. One big family heading down the road to complete our goals we set out every year. We are excited with some of the new things we have going on with the group and we are looking forward to another exciting year of rodeo just a month and half away. Well until next time keep your chin tucked, get that far away look in your eye and then nod looking for winning ride.

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