End of October

Well with the end of October here, we are focusing on a few rodeos we left on the schedule before everything goes to 2015. Everyone had a good year and now preparing to end everything with a bang. Brawley, CA around the corner, I believe John is gonna sneak off to that, Shane is over in Kentucky at a PRS event in Louisville. I have been busy around the house getting things in order for the end of the year. Brandon has been working to save rodeo money to go hard in 2015, Chance has been roping and shoeing, every day it seems like. Up next is the Gilbert Days rodeo in mid November then we all be at the GCPRA Finals the following week.  2014 has been a blast for us, lots of rodeos, traveling, laughs and just having fun. The finals should be a good time at Loughlin, NV at the Avi Casino, look to have full 15 guys there, should be some decent money up for grabs. We got together and will be making some changes this year to the website to be a little bit more interactive and have a little something for our sponsors as well. Well have a good time running around and asking for candy or the costume parties. I know I will that’s for sure. Then we will be back at the gym on Monday getting ready to finish strong and next year. Until next time, keep dreaming big, with out the dream you have nothing to chase.

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