August Heat

Welp we finished up with the Heat V (bikini and rough stock rodeo) over in Los Lunas, NM. Had a good showing for Arizona all the way around. Courtney Morris took home the saddle in the Barrel racing. In the Bareback riding, I finished 2nd both nights, Shane got the win on Friday night. The Chamber girls took home some money as well in the bikini barrel race. It was long ol trip over but it paid off with good times and some good laughs. Our good buddy Tony Buckmon showed up and displayed his talents from strumming a guitar to spurring bucking horses in the bareback riding. Never would of thought it, but he is a pretty good guitar player. Had a good time hanging out at the arena, really nice set up to have fun. Bar, food and rodeo arena all right there, what else could ya ask for. It was a great event to ride in, Casper Baca and CJ did a great job in putting it on. We even got into a volleyball tournament, our wardrobe or uniforms we picked (well I didn’t) got more laughs and high fives then I would of guessed. We went with the retro team look. It paid off, I did a good job of taking a not just one but two volleyballs to the face. In my defense I lost the first one in the sun, the second one well, its true white guys can’t jump. Over all it was a blast playing beach volleyball with no beach around. Soon after that we headed to the trailer jumped in the shower to rinse off our shame of getting not just beat in the championship round of Volleyball but basically had our butts handed to us pretty easily. After the quick showers we grab our bags and headed for the bucking chutes to ride. It was a something different to break up the day while you sit around waiting to get on your 2nd horse. John was entered in Dalhart, lovington and lamar the same weekend, he won himself a lick out of Lamar, which should of helped him with circuit standings. Everyone has been going fairly hard as of late. A big shout out to Larry Sandvick and his Wild Man Riggins, everyone of our bareback riders in the Arizonawildbunch is winning on one except one guy, don’t fret tho, he said he wants one to. So hopefully soon everyone in the ArizonaWildbunch will be running there hands in Wild Man Riggin. Now I off to Crawford Nebraska this week, John just finished up at Payson won himself a check there. After that we will be heading down to Sonoita Labor Day weekend, then start our fall run. We should be out and about all over Arizona, I have the Senior National Finals early October this year. Right now for all of us its about winning more money to move up in the standings. Well until next time keep your chin tucked toes out and let the good times roll. Loose Rowl Mafia.

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