Grey Hounds, Riggin Bags, Bucking Horses,Tennis shoes – Life of a Rodeo Cowboy (Shane)

Got a little/long story abut one of our members here that I think everyone will get a chuckle out of. Shane if you don’t know him, lives by the seat of his pants here today and gone tomorrow, that’s for sure. The only thing when it comes to his schedule that seems to be half way lined out is that he winters in Arizona and summers in the great northwest. If you haven’t seen any pictures of Shane, he has a handle bar mustache that he sports like he has a part in the movie Tombstone. Even though he is talented bareback rider, trying to keep up with him can sometimes be like chasing a 2 year old around all day long, non stop. For every obstacle he has a solution, most of the time made up on the fly. Lets start with the month of May, he left to head back to the northwest to catch up with all his shoeing clients to shoe horses, then found a girl on craigslist that was looking for someone to travel with her back down to AZ, so he gave her call naturally and rode down with her for the Chance Stone Benefit Rough Stock rodeo. Soon after that he caught back up with the girl for a ride back to the Northwest. So here is were the real story starts, once up in the northwest his good ol travel mate, Chance said hey you oughta come down for the Bikini Barrel race and rough stock rodeo in Aug. Shane at this time has no car and has a family reunion in Wy comng up. Says no problem, can do buddy. He catches a ride via greyhound to Idaho Falls, ID. When while sitting on the bus realized after a 12 hour trip hey i’m sitting next to a buddy of mines dad I went to College with. He politely introduces himself and strikes up a conversation with his buddy’s dad. They slowly but surely take this conversation to the most logical place a nice quite bar and finish few cold ones and have some laughs. Once done, he realizes hell I gotta get back to the bus station to catch my bus to Jackson. After sleeping a few winks he arrives in Jackson Hole, Wy. all he knows when he steps off the bus is that he is entered in the rodeo tonight. So he finds a motel ask if he can leave his luggage in the lobby while he goes cruise Jackson Hole and check out the tourist. The manager said hey that will work, so Shane changes into his tennis shoes not wanting wear down his boots any further than they are. Hits the streets of Jackson Hole, cowboy hat, mustache and all. As he walks along he notices a group of tourist from out of country following him and taking pictures of him from looking in windows to getting a hot dog. They finally approach him after a 30 minutes and ask for group pictures of this cowboy from the west. In typical Shane fashion he has a bunch of laughs and talks to group into going to the rodeo that night to watch him. Once at the rodeo Shane checks his draw, tapes up and makes a solid ride on a not to solid of horse but enough to draw a first place check. Well on to the next problem he has to get from Jackson Hole to Cody WY. So he does the norm asking all the guys entered were they are going next, but to his dismay he could not find anyone going to Jackson. Shane then decides well, struck out with all the guys so I will take my asking to the grandstands. As he waded through the grandstands he finally found someone to take him. A group of Isreali tourist a husband and wife. He tells them great pick me up here at the arena in the morning saying it like 20 times to make sure they understood what he was saying since they only spoke broken english. With the problem solved its time to find a place to for the night, so he catches a ride into town with a bull rider and bronc rider. After night of finishing down some adult beverages and antics, they head to the arena to sleep. On the way to the arena these two guys he just met decide to get into a fist fight over who was driving and who was sleeping. As the fight proceeds on, one jumps out of the truck around to the driver side pulls the driver out as they scuffle on the ground the bronc rider jumps up runs to the passenger side of the truck were Shane is sitting and taking this all in with the look of what the hell, the guy reaches in the glove box and pulls out a pistol. Shane eyes wide open now tells the bull rider you better run and run fast. The Bull rider takes off pulls out his cell phone and calls the cops. A few minutes later the cops show up. Shane said all he could do was laugh on the inside but had to show on the outside nothing phased him. As the cops look around for the Bronc rider there was no luck in finding him. When he finally showed up sober and realized what happend the two of the them jumped back in the truck drove off while Shane found a nice place to catch a few winks before catching up with his tourist from the night before to give him a ride to Cody. Well to his surprise the tourist showed up to give him a ride to Cody. As he slid into the back seat he had prepared himself for whatever may happen. The small talk turned into laughs, huuka and him telling stories like he was the last John Wayne in town. They stopped to buy him a nice lunch and take the scenic drive through yellowstone. He said it was a blast, once arriving at Cody he jumps out grabs his bags offers them a few bucks but they tell him to keep it and heads for the bucking chutes. There is hand full of guys entered up that night and he is 2nd to last to go. They only pay two holes so first place is the only thing he has on mind, the extra doe will go along ways in the life of Shane. He nods his head and on the 2nd jump out of the chutes the flank come off the horse, which means the horse decides to run off. After getting off with the pick up men, he walks back to the chutes hearing a 35 pts with a option of re-ride ladies and gentlemen, which puts him into 2nd place the other four guys ahead of him either bucked off or missed there mark outs. So as the Shane walked around the arena back to judges the last guy was nodding his head, as the horse barreled out the chute the rider didn’t get him marked which met only one thing with a 35 pt ride Shane won the whole pot with out having to get on a re-ride. He took the money ran. As usual he headed to back of the chutes to find someone heading back to Jackson Hole he could go with so he can ride there the following night. By luck a couple of bull riders were heading that way, so he jumped in with them, they headed to the nearest watering hole and he proceeded to buy rounds with his winnings from the last few nights. Feeling lucky and blessed they slowly rolled out of bed the next morning and headed back to Jackson, were once again he won that night at the Jackson Hole nightly rodeo. As they proceeded back to Cody, they came across a little tourist area for bears that had statues out in, they decided it would be fun to just take pictures of themselves spurring this bear statues, which was going just fine until a park ranger ran out and asked them to leave. So off to Cody they go. After that nights perf he cousin from Sheridan, Wy shows up to take him to the family reunion, mind you he said half the family he has never met before the other half when he was a kid. As the reunion gets underway Shane helps himself to a bounty of cold ones and everything else that was available. By now he is pretty much out of it and finds himself in the middle town somehow and not knowing where to go. His phone is dead, so making a phone call is out of the question, the sun is starting to break on this early sunday morning and he has now way of figuring out how to get back to his family. As he walks along the road a pick up pulls up, inside a fellow ask him if he needs a ride, Shane said he now knows that feeling what it might be like to be kidnapped, you just roll with it he said. The guy was like hey I have to make a stop you mind, Shane is like no problem, can I charge my phone? The guy said go ahead. So they pull up to this house Shane blitzed out of his mind as they walk in, there is group sitting there in circle, he proceeds to sit down in a chair. Before he can put two and two together, he realizes this is bible study. After about a two hours of study he is looking for the front door. Finally the guys look at him and say your phone is probably charged, Shane jumps up and calls his cousin who says dude were did you go everyone has been looking for you. We almost put a APB out for a lost cowboy. Once back with his family they joke that they gonna have to put a leash on him. As the day went along he found himself out at the lake getting a sunburn and his family had no problems taking a picture of him passed out on the beach. After all the fun hanging with his family its back to business how to get to the next rodeo. First stop is a stop in at Wildman riggins in Kaycee and pick up a new rig. After that, Shane makes a few phone calls trying to figure out how to get from Wy back to Az to catch up with rest of his crew to head over to New Mexico for the Los Lunas Bikini and Rough Stock Rodeo. To his surprise he is able to catch a ride to Ogden, UT with some bull riders entered in the PBR Touring Pro. From there its more phone calls, who is heading up to it and going to AZ afterwards. With much thought and a lot of miles to cover Shane decides to dig into his wallet and buys another Grey Hound Ticket to Phoenix. To be picked up by Chance in downtown Phoenix. In all Shane covered WA, OR, WY, UT, AZ and NM riding bucking horses in one month, all with out owning a vehicle or plan to get to point A or B other than a grey hound bus. The dream is never out of reach, just takes the guts to get out there and live it. I thought it was funny a story and wanted to share it. If you run into Shane ask him about it, he will gladly share the story and even a lot of it I have left out, I promise you will get a chuckle out of listening to it.

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