Hot Summer Daze

Welp we are off and running again at the end of the month headed up to Colorado for some cooler weather. Looking forward to Durango, its always nice to get out of AZ and up in the pines. Had to take a week off to let my knee get to looking a little bit more normal. The swelling has gone down a bunch still black and blue but it works. Had a good showing last weekend in Magdalena NM at the senior pro, ended up getting the win on nice one to get on. 78pts take that all day long. Brandon finally has normal movement in his shoulder and seems to have healed up, helps being young sure can take the poundings and get right back at it with no problems. Shane has been in Oregon and Washington hitting the rodeos up there, things have been going good for him, just consistently placing which is huge when you gotta pay bills. He is supposed to head to Wyoming for Jackson Hole rodeo this weekend then work his way to Cody, Wy then back down to Arizona for a spell. The plan is to go to the rough stock rodeo Los Lunas bikinis in the heat rough stock rodeo. What gets better than bucking horses and girls chasing cans in a Bikini. Ummm not much. John has been hitting the road pretty hard, he got into Lovington, Nm so I know he is excited about that. Johnny has been getting them a little here and there at the Circuit Rodeos. Chance has been playing cowboy riding colts, roping and shoeing all summer. I guess I’m to help him with a colt clinic this October which will be a blast. I got new riggin, then had my new Glove shipped out to Colton Wiley to get it set up, can’t wait to ride in it. Actually looking forward to see what he named my glove. He comes up with cools names for the gloves he makes for guys. Pretty original if you ask me. After Durango we get all spread out again. I will be up Fernly, NV for a Senor run then over to Crawford, NE then hopefully to Payson, Az to catch back up with everyone. Been thinking of sitting this labor day out and spending it Dove hunting with my boys. But man when rodeos are calling its hard to not enter. This weekend we are doing a little ride down into the Salt River Canyon then find a place to swim and mess around with the horses. Might be a nice weekend of relaxing, been awhile since we have had that. The house stuff has been moving right along, got the approval and now doing the disclosures for it. Can’t wait have like thousands of idea’s, but the goal is to get the barn done and arena done. Gonna have a good ol’ practice horse for anyone to get on and get my roping skills up to speed. Gonna work on my calf roping this winter or see how many times I hang myself getting off to run down the line. Really depends on how you look at it. But as of right now its all about getting through the heat and taking care of business riding bucking horses for us. Oh I almost forgot Ol Chance is a thinking of cracking out this fall, he said the leg feels good all caught up on bills and you can tell its driving him nuts seeing all his buddies riding bucking horses and all he gets to do is throw a rope. We all will be nervous as hell but excited to see him back at. He has busted his tail off trying to get back into shape and rehabbing his leg. So that alone should make things even little bit more exciting for us this fall. Be nice to get all of us in one rig again, seems like we all get going in twenty different directions hitting rodeos. Drawn up different days, entering to work around schedules and then the argument of going to were the horses are the best to get on. Once again its the time of year to make some moves in the standings, getting to cooler weather, rivers, lakes, beaches, bikinis, beer, horses, bucking horses and well just summer fun. Got along ways to go til, fall so we hope to see everyone out and about at the rodeos. To all the kids from AZ in at the High School National Finals good luck in the 2nd round and a shout out to all the Bareback riders from Wy and my Texas peeps the Winters family, Guy Winters boy Brazo in the BB riding. Good luck, spur em til they shiver.

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