July Stretch

Well with Cowboy Christmas in the books, we are now focused on wrapping out July and head into the dog days summer looking to make some moves. The fourth wound up being a successful for everyone. Quick re-cap, Brandon won Springerville, got the buckle but it did come with a price. Ended up breaking a clavicval and few ribs in doing it when getting off with the pick up men. Speaking of pick up men, Carter was hustling between three rodeos over 24 hours, started off with springerville, then show low, sat morninng slack at show low then over to Taylor night rodeo. Which I heard him and Trevor Haught made a hell of display in saving a hung up bareback rider. From all accounts it sounded pretty bad ass how they worked it. Kyle Marly fought bulls and was kept busy helping /M getting stock from one place to the next. Our rodeo anonuncer James was running around setting up at one place then off the next. He did a great job as always making sure to know were everyone was going and were they have been. John had a good weekend as well, just out of the money at window rock, turned around and got 2md at springerville then won Show Low before heading over to taylor to ride. Brittenie roped at both springerville and show low but came up short for catches. I ended up winning a round at Grants, 2nd in the other and 2nd place at Show Low. Covered lots of mile, got some minor bumps and bruises but its all worth it. Chance headed to some ropings and didn’t find a lot of love on the timed event side of the arena. Shane Morin started off with bang up north, but it didn’t end the way it started. The good news is that we are all entered again in some more rodeo this weekend. Lots of big runs coming up to finish out July then move right into Aug. If you live in Arizona nothing beats the heat then hitting a rodeo up north out, get of the valley and into some cool pine air. Its like getting re-energized, getting on some big ol soggy buckers. It a great way to live and I wouldn’t have it any other way. See ya all soon down the road. Safe travels this summer and may your fists be full of dollar bills that you won.

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