Cowboy Christmas ahead

As we roll into the end of June things are heating up. We all have a lot on our plates and look forward to just being out on the road. Were all pretty lucky to get to do this great sport and be able to run from town to town riding buckers. As of right now we are little spread out as we head into the last week of June. John is in Santa Fe this weekend, went 81 last night on good one of Vold’s and heading to Alamosa then Raton to finish off the weekend. James and Carter or either roping at the Cowpunchers or announcing the Gallop, NM Rodeo. (james is the announcer) Next weekend we head out for Abbique, NM Taox, Nm and Flagstaff, AZ. Then right into the fourth we go. OUr schedules have gotten a little crazy with each us with certain goals in mind of the 2014 season. There should be one or all us competing at the following rodeos. Prescott, Window Rock, Springervielle, show low, Taylor, Grants and Pagosa Springs, CO. I have couple Senior Pros in Grants, I will hit head back to Show Low catch up with John and Brandon who will be coming in from Prescott and Springerville that afternoon. Then I will pack up head back to NM for round 3 at Grants, catching up with Brandon at Gallup, NM to head up to Pagaosa Springs, CO. John will stay in white mountains and hit Taylor Sat night and then scoot back down the mountain. Chance will be over in Mormon Lake I believe for a roping going to head over to Show Low after the afternoon perf and catch up with us Friday night the fourth in Show Low. Kyle will be fighting bulls in Springerville and Show Low. Brittnie will be roping in both Springerville and Show low in the braekaway. As of right now we are heading into the fourth trying to make some moves for the finals coming up in the fall and winter. John has climbed in the turquoise Circuit standing and is working his butt off to make his rodeo count for the circuit. He is also currently sitting in 2nd for the GCPRA. I’am currently sitting 1st in the World for the Senior Pros, but a few guys are starting to catch me. So that has started to take on a more importance then some of the other rodeos, In the GCPRA I think this last spring I couldn’t ride a stick horse. I had to take some time off and heal up, now I’m ready to go move back up in the standings there. Getting fines paid off in the PRCA and hopefully get back to them as well. My advice to Brandon lately has been quite your job and rodeo, the only guy I know gets hurt more at work then riding bucking horses. He started the year off with a bang, then had 3rd and 4th degree burns to his riding hand. Went through a plethra of surgeries, got to getting back on late April then decided to grind his trigger finger off on his riding hand. Its healed up now, but he is foaming at the mouth to get back out there spur those good ones. We finished up the Chance Stone Benefit Rodeo, was a great turn out for ol Chance, he finally got his walking boot off and has been working on his roping and keeps eyeing his bronc saddle. Hopefully everything goes right his money won will hold up for the top 15 in the GCPRA so he can go into the finals fresh and ready to ride. I will keep you updated as we roll out through the end of June and heading into Cowboy Christmas, Hopefully we all win a fist full of dollars. Until next time take a deep seat get that far away look and hold em for 2.

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