Here comes the Heat

With May wrapping up, we are working on rodeos that take us out of the heat here in AZ. This weekend John has silver City, NM, El Paso, TX, and Clovis, NM. He has drawn good every where he is up so if he hangs it on em should bring some money for him. After that run we all be making the run up to Taos, Nm,, Abbique, Nm and Flagstaff, AZ. as we get ready to roll into the fourth of July. Looks like we all will be hitting different rodeos this fourth and only meeting up for 2 over that run so far. Carter has been busy getting ready for the Cowpuncher Reunion in June up in Williams which will be good time. So if you passing through you oughta stop in and enjoy a good time. Brandon and Brittinie have been busy with getting things around to relocate to Payson, AZ which has been taking a lot of there time and efforts. Kyle has been busy fitting bulls at the local bull ridings and perfecting his craft. Chance is still on the mend and been roping a little in the practice pen to kill time. The benefit rodeo in Benson that was put on for him was a blast, a good time by all to have. All the stock bucked and had a great crowd turn out. Lots of thank you’s go out to everyone that had a hand in that, sure was a lot of work for them and it paid off. After the event things got a little westerns and everyone was able to let there hair down a little. Shane jumped back on a jumbo jet plane headed back for Oregon and totally is missing out on this 100 plus degree weather we are having. Dunno if he is smarter than the rest of us or just a wuss. LOL. With June it always brings the heat and lots of rodeos to choose from on where to go and when. But we have a good schedule so far lined out to go, as we roll from June to July, it all starts to become a blur and everyone once in awhile we get to stop and smell the flowers and be thankful to be able to the live the life we get to live. Myself I have been concentrating on wrapping up this house stuff, getting things taken care of with the family and working out. But I figured looking at the positive side I will be fresher for the end of June and fourth of July runs. Which the rodeos are starting to pile up and picking and choosing on which work with finances and time. I have also been working on getting some additional things set up for the Rodeo Wild bunch on here, looking at getting a few things to help make everything that much better for our followers out there. My goal is give a inside clip of how we do all of this, why we do it and what its like to go down the road with us. So stay tuned for that information to come out. Hopefully by the fourth we will have something for everyone to view or watch or something. Keeping it a secret until I know for sure we are able to pull it off. Well until next time tuck your chin, set your feet, and let the good times roll, one jump at a time.

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