Chance Stone Benefit Rodeo

Hello Everyone don’t forget to get to Benson for the Chance Stone Benefit Rough Stock Rodeo. Good buddy of mine that has been battling through injuries sustained at Rodeo this last Feb from bad rodeo accident. He hasn’t asked for any help so the rough stock riders have taken it upon themselves to get this event off, headed up by bull rider Chris Murrin. Chance has gone through a series of operations to get his leg back in shape from tearing the Achilles Tendon off the bone and just had another round of surgeries from it getting infected and almost turned out even worse for him. With bills pilling up and not being able to work, even tho he has tried against doctors orders any help would be appreciated. He’s a good friend of mine and I know Chris has busted his hump to pull this off. So if your not entered and have nothing to do please feel free to head down to Benson or up or over depending on your location and have good time. But most of all if ya haven’t met Chance you can meet him in person there and get a opportunity to meet him. 10 to 1 says after meeting him you will leave with a smile on your face and even with a giggle. Thanks Chris for the efforts and time on putting this together. Good luck to all the guys riding and safe travels this weekend. Until next time set your feet like you mean it!

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