Running and Running

Well we are half way through May and things are going good for us in the arena and out of the arena. Been busy every week with rodeos or something new coming our way. To start the month off we went to Cottonwood, Globe and now heading to Payson and Ramona, after that a few are heading the Chance Stone Benefit Rough Stock rodeo. If your in Arizona and wanna get a way head to Benson and check it out. Its at the Arena Bar on May 24th, there is will be kids events but most of all helping out our good buddy Chance get through this injury and get his medical bills caught up. He just had a another surgery to clean up some infections that he got on his Achilles tendon, hopefully he will back in full swing shortly. Brandon has made a big recovery been rodeo’n after having the bad burn to his hand, been going at em like champ. John has been super hot as of late placing just about every where he goes and has won a couple of bullridings to boot. Kyle has been fighting bulls and has won the respect of the bull riders at these events for getting them out some hairy situations. Myself been busy buying a house and hopefully everything goes through. It has cut into my rodeos a little bit but I still have been going. Been at the bottom of the pen in the draw quite a bit lately but hopefully we can get things turned around here shortly. Shane stash Morin couldn’t take the heat so he headed up to Oregon already, has a couple of PRS he is going to and has been busy shoeing horses. We gotta couple of big runs coming up soon. We should be from CA, CO, TX and NM in the next few weeks hitting rodeos. I figure either we make bank or bust the bank, either way we are still living the dream. Riding Wild horses and chasing white lines and living free. If ya catch us at one of our stops, please feel free to say howdy. Well until next time, keep chin tucked toes out and let the good times roll. Loose rowl mafia!!!

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