March is here

We made it through the weekend, nobody was up anywhere, except Kyle was fighting bulls down at a college rodeo for /M rodeo company. We did however get lots of much needed rain. Got ol Chance out of the house we took him up to the Scottsdale rodeo to hang out. Had some good laughs with friends. Next up on the schedule for us is the Queen Creek Pro rodeo up there Sat night. Hopefully pluck a couple of good ones out of the draw. Most of all watched the American Rodeo yesterday what a shot in the arm that was for rodeo. It should and hopefully lead to some more fun and exciting things for the sport. Richie Champion walked out of there a millionaire for 16 seconds of work. It was great watching, it was the place to be for a rodeo cowboys. Its exciting to see where the sport is going and being able to compete in the sport rodeo makes it even that much more exciting. Hopefully future and current Bareback riders took note and start going. Its a great way of life, get to see more things and be a part of more things than a cowboy can dream of. Its great for the fans and those who follow rodeo to see a way life that some think has dwindled away, but nope us cowboys are still here. Putting food on the table from ranching to farming, a way life few understand but a way life that you can be proud of each morning when you wake up. Long live the american cowboy!! Sorry – just feeling a little excited from watching the american rodeo, it was history yesterday and will be talked about for a long time to come. Hope to see everyone out at the Queen Creek Rodeo this weekend.

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