Well we just finished our last rodeo for February in Apache Junction. It was a fun, a packed house this weekend. To start off I have a little bit of bad news to report from the injury list. Our good buddy Chance Stone had a bad wreck this weekend in the bareback riding, yep thats right the bareback riding, I know Chance is known for his saddle bronc riding skills, but him and Shane decided to trade events for the Saturday perf. Now mind you Chance had gotten on a practice horse earlier in the week to get the feel of things, but once he got off that practice horse he was like oh ya gonna do this for sure. Well he drew rank an ol campaigner that knows every trick in the book. But in typical cowboy fashion Chance was like don’t care if its king kong ima getting on boys. Everyone was pretty fired up to watch these two trade events for the day, two cowboys having fun at what they do riding broncs and showing off. All the guys behind the chutes were like hey Ol Chance your really gonna do this huh? He was like I can’t wait to tape up with all you guys. Shane who switched out to the bronc riding was like hell, I dunno what to do with my time since I don’t have to take 30 mins to tape up. Everyone’s spirits were high, Chance grabbed his riggin sat with all of us rosining it up and getting ready just like us loose rowls do before the bareback riding. Then time came to start taping, John walking him through the proper way to tape your riding elbow and we proceeded to get ready. As they ran the horses in down the alley Chance was grinning from ear to ear. That big ol paint ran in there for him, Shane and Brandon helped him get settled in and his riggin pulled when the grand entry started. Then Chance was up, he had a solid mark out, got out of shape a jump or two on that arm yanker then jumped right in the middle of him and went to combing his hair with his spurs, for about 3 seconds from that point on it looked you weren’t gonna rattle him loose with a hand grenade, everyone was yelling for him to go on with it, as he spurred him down. No doubt it looked cool then the fence came in and ol paint made a wicked move, Chance clicked his heals and ended up were no bareback rider likes to be hung up to a bronc with its eyes glazed over and starting to move out and pull away from the pick up men. As we all jumped down from behind the bucking chutes ol paint was a picking up speed and showed no signs of slowing down, Chance kept making efforts to jump up and get his hand loose from the riggin, as ol paint came around the corner full speed she crashed right into the out gate vibrating the whole arena, all the cowboys were running full speed to get there but there was no way we were gonna be able to get there in time to cut her off from the fence. Chance ended up taking the out gate straight on head blow, ripping his riding boots right off. He ended up in the hospital and that is were he is now making a full recovery after a few surgeries. But his mom said as soon as he woke up he said he’s gotta get out got horse shoeing clients he has to take care of. Looks like he is gonna make full recovery should be released in a week or so and ready to get going on rehab I would figure. He had a plates put in face and now we will be calling him iron man. I would like to ask everyone who follows us to keep Chance in your prayers.

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