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Well we are off and running for 2014, have some exciting things on the horizon for us, hence the change in the website layout. Have had some awesome sponsors come on board and we are excited on were the we go this year. Its year by year in rodeo, a marathon not a sprint, its all about how you finish. Things are coming around for us and we are blessed to be doing what we love. Rodeo has given us all opportunities but some times you actually have to reach for it. After the first month in the books for 2014 we are looking forward, had some injuries that have caught up with us, but we are working hard on looking past that and moving forward. Were to start -well Johnny has been trying to get in the all round race for the GCPRA, cracked out the old bull rope and went after them, looking good so far, in the Bareback riding and Bull riding. Top finishes in Marana and Lake Havasu, And on top of it he changed his hair color or lightend it up. We will keep you posted on how that plays out this year, (last year it was the beard) but he is winning and that’s really all that counts for now… Shane Morin joined and has been getting ready to crack out here, leaves for Oregon next week again, must be nice to play snow bird all year round. Chance has started out hot in the bronc riding, winning some at Marana and his gym and practice more than most. Brandon well he as you seen in one of our earlier post burnt his hand up making a BBQ, but he is out of the hospital and is on the fast track to crack out in month or two. He looks good and the way he has been riding no telling what he does in 2014.. We added Brittnie to the group, she has been going at em in the break-away roping, been working hard to win a title this year and get back to what she wants to do and that is very plain and simple just rodeo. Kyle has been busy at the chip fighting bull every Friday night, looks to have landed a full time gig with stock contractor fighting this year, just can’t wipe the smile off his face right now. My self well, I have gone against docs order rode at Buckeye won it with a 80 pointer, so I’m listening just in case your wondering  but dong it the cowboy way. I got one more senior pro this month, hit it and just let the time heal away at my back. Then hopefully hit it hard come April. Well after the 5th, yes I take the plunge in April to my beautiful bride to be on the 5th. Should be one hell of a party. JT has been in Texas playing cowboy on the ranches last I heard he was calling all the shots, its all he wanted to wake up put on a pair spurs and go to work. Brian well, I hope to update you very soon on him, he has been working hard on some exciting things that may lead him to stardom. I will keep you updated on how that goes for him, pretty exciting things going for 2014. Jaydon has decided to make plunge with us as well in the team roping. He has been spinning for the cash, so why not have team roper join, that’s the thought anyways. Stay tuned to see what else 2014 brings us as we pack our bags and hit the road every week to live a dream that few dare to live. Its not special, its not perfect and to some folks they think we lost our marbles, all I can say is, its just the cowboy way… Live Love Ride

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