2013 in the books

Well we just finished up the 2013 season for the GCPRA, it was again a fun year of running up and down highways, chasing dreams, lots of aww shucks, lots of high fives, some near misses and few minor miss-cues. Oh ya and what the hell just happened. Had to throw that in there, over all it was a good year. Best of all were all pretty healthy and now get to try to heal up a little and make big plans for next year. Brandon really came on at the end of the year, it was really cool to see him spurring with confidence and riding like we all know he can. His last horse was Scotts Rock n Robin at Benson, there were 20 Bareback riders entered and Brandon got tapped on a good one, everyone behind the chutes starting yelling and screaming for him, whoopin and howlering, it was cool. It got everyone excited, it was cowboy’n for sure. Didn’t worry about what you scored you were just trying to out ride the guy before you. There were some great rides and it really had everyone step it up, it was cool. We got him a new rig the Friday before from the wild texan Colton Wiley and you could see it pay off. John started out slow this year, then about July he came on like a freight train, a bearded freight train. He took advantage of every situation and good draw he got, just like your supposed to. Didn’t waste the good ones and did all he could to over ride the bad one. Thats taken care of business. Ride em all the same, like its your last one. He scored his first 80 point ride at Benson, that was good watching. For me it started with a bang but I think I ran out of bubble gum juice about labor day. But was able to put it together to finish strong and get ready for the Finals coming up. First stop is Vegas for my senior finals then its off to Loughlin for the GCPRA finals to play with the young pups. Not gonna lie looking forward to getting some much needed rest this winter before everything takes off in January again. The Finals this year looks to be jammed up again. The Bareback riders made a comeback this fall, we will be taking 15 guys to the finals, we have 11 with money won and 4 more with rodeo counts to qualify. We are taking the best stock from all three contractors 8 head each. Setting up a nice hopper pen then coming back with a rank pen. Should make it fun all the way around. Nothing better than showing up to a rodeo and going it don’t matter I can win a round on anything in there. Almost don’t even need to look at the draw, but you can bet your boots we will tho… 2014 looks to be a fun year, we have already been talking about putting some runs together. Right now we are talking about going back east for week, then head up to the northwest and hopefully everything inbetween. I will let you know if any of it comes together, but it looks really good so far. We have been approached with some sponsorship stuff to help us all out next year. So if it all goes through it could be good, if your interested sponsoring drop us a line. Or if you know how to really make it work for us, also feel free to drop us a line. For me at my age it is taking advantage of every little thing to end it with a boom and to help get these other guys to the next level. But we can always use advice. Well until next time let them rowls roll, tuck your chin and reach for the mane line, money is in the mane. Loose rowl mafia…

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