Stretch Run

The weather has finally cooled off, a person can actually sit on the back porch and enjoy it with out sweating away. Which means the rodeo year is starting to wind down for us and time to start making last minute moves and preparing for next year at the same time. I think the trick is to just have fun, regardless on what the situation is or what your wanting to get done. But with that being said its easier said than done, right? Well we just finished up with Duncan rodeo last weekend. John got the win and I placed third, its starting to become a good race down the stretch with myself, John (my traveling partner) and Adam. It could be fun run with Wilcox and Benson right around the corner with some good money added and /M (scott mcdaniels) providing the stock. It will be a riding contest which will make even that much more fun. Im still a kicking myself for not going to Sonoita, but it did feel good have a labor day at home. But a guy can’t ponder it to much with some good rodeos coming up. John has been riding pretty dang tuff and drawing good as well these last few months, so a guy can’t take that away from him for taking advantage of his draws like a your supposed to. Brandon has been slowly but slowly creeping up int he standings as well, with riding good and hanging tuff when he needs to. Right now Im leading the Senior as well getting ready for there Senior National Finals in Vegas at the end of the October running into November. Pretty excited about it, looking forward to spurring a few in Vegas, regardless of were its at, nothing like rodeo’n in Vegas. Its a pretty cool and at the same time gives you a sense of accomplishment. But we still have business to take care of between now and then. But the best part of that means more bucking horses, more rodeos, more good times, miles to travel and just living free. Everyone has asked me lately how long I plan on riding, hadn’t really thought about it, I think they ask because my oldest is a bar tender now at the Muesum Club or the Zoo in Flagstaff so she runs into all my buddies passing through. I get a lot of wow dude she has grown up and they look at me behind the chutes and go your old, how long can you keep doing this. I always reply until they tell me I can’t then I will sneak off to one to prove them wrong. lol. I just enjoy it, the horses watching them buck, being around your good friends that most of the time you don’t see unless its a rodeo or some type of celebration going for one thing or the other. But there is nothing beats waking up early, loading up, getting in the truck with your good buddies and traveling down the road, telling stories, getting into what I call mild trouble, just enough to get a lecture but also enough to get a laugh out of it. Like for instance, we were in Holbrook a few weekends ago, they had a free VIP section of Pendleton, they were giving out coolers and BBQ’s for anyone willing to get up and make a fool of themselves, well I thought huh, I really want that cooler, its really nice so a few other guys were thinking the same thing, so the first guy got up there did a little dance and everyone cheered the second guy up there did the same dance but unbuttoned his shirt, I grabed a piece of meat hung it out of my zipper in my jeans and jumped up there and did a little dance, well everyone liked except the event cordinator I was told take it out or leave, I asked which one to take out? (lol) I didn’t just kidding. but just enough trouble to get a laugh but not end up in a lot of trouble. Incase your wondering I didn’t get the cooler… Everyone cheered but I think I got disqualified for my actions… Well now we are off to the next one… Until next time enjoy what you do not matter what it is, stop and smell the roses every once in awhile and keep on nodding your head for first place. Live Love Ride, let the good times roll.

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