Summer Heat

Finished up July and now looking to make it through Aug here in the AZ. We have all just been trying to hit as many rodeos as we can. John Started out June hot and carried over into July. He ended up wining Abbique, Splitting the win in Springerville (won the buckle on a coin toss, thats when you know your hot) He then rolled up to Colorado and won Montrose and placed at Westcliff finishing off the month with a big win in Durango. He just moved up to the valley were the weather is hot as a popcorn fart in July, so I think he will be missing sierra vista shortly. Can’t win em all I guess.. lol.
Brandon been staying steady just not drawing at the top of the pen, but came out of Globe in May feeling good and has hit a little bit of dry spell, but he will get it turned around. He’s been riding good not getting the draws he needs right now. But has been coming along just fine. He has been riding with a broken finger, on his free hand, but still he can point in a 90 degrees of the opposite direction, which in my mind is still pretty cool. His finger makes a L instead of a I.
I started out hot for the fourth, won Grants rolled into show low and made a great ride for 7 seconds but they don’t count 7 second rides. Shoulder has been acting up since the Taos and Abbique run. So after the fourth i sat some rodeos out and headed up to Durango, ended up 3rd and qualified for the shoot out round, had to sit it out due to my shoulder. Trying to get healed up before the Senior run in Wy and Co in mid August. Hopefully everything will hold up. As we all know now is not the time to be home resting its getting out there riding for those number 1 spots. Everyone is really hustling and riding good right now to try and get in the lead for there association or move up. Been getting on some great bucking horses as of late so we all feel good about that, now its just getting down the road to win. After the Aug run we will be heading up to Williams, AZ for the Labor Day Rodeo, gonna be a good one this year. Scott has a pen of good ones to get on. Scott has put together a pen of horse that everyone has a shot at winning the rodeo on and being in the 80’s. Thats what we ride for.
Aug 3rd is my engagement party, looking forward to it, got some good friends and family coming out for it. It just might get a little western.
Well until next time let the good times roll!!! Catch two feet or set em in the neck which ever trips your trigger…

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