Its marathon not a sprint

May is almost over now, we are all looking ahead to June and whats around the corner. Been consistent over the month which has been paying off. After Needles, Cottonwood and Globe things are in good shape going into June. One thing I do know is the season is marathon, with a bunch of little sprints all through it, lol. Right now Im currently winning the world in the Senior Pros and leading the GCPRA. Now if I could just get some mojo to roll over to the PRCA that would be the frosting on the cake for me. Globe went according to plan, my first horse rolled over on me as he left the chutes and yes it did tickle a little. On Saturday night I rode my horse for a 3rd place ride, got off met my girlfriend in the middle of the arena and proposed to her, it was pretty cool, I think it caught her off guard. Had a good night that night with close friends and family that was in the know of what was going on. Somehow we were able to keep her in the dark the whole time, it was pretty cool. Brandon got back on during the Globe rodeo, he had a good showing got himself a couple checks with a 2nd place finish. Horses were all good that Scott Mcdaniels provided. John has been busy getting his degree in school with no time to do anything but study, but looks like he will get a late start to the year cracking back out in June, I know he is pretty excited about it. I was up in Payson, Las Vegas and Ramona, well I turned out two and got drawn out of Las Vegas. Sometimes that four letter word “work” gets in the way. With thats said we are entered in a few in NM and still trying to plan out the rest of June to roll right into cowboy christmas. In Cottonwood, az I traveled up with a couple of buddies, Adam and Mike Trask, we drew straws for who got a the bed and who had to share a bed, me and mike lost, to top it off, Mike goes into a deep sleep and hogs the bed, in short I ended up sleeping on the hard floor. Bullriders, what can I say… But the next day was the Kentucky Derby, so we went over to watch it at Strombolis in Cottonwood Scott gave me a call and asked that I place bet for him on the number 16 horse, so we ended up winning and able to get some drinks all courtesy of Scott. Pretty cool, if I would of been thinking I would of laid down a lot more money. Didn’t realize that Scott was a race track guru… It all worked out though, we had a blast, now onto June. Well until next time keep your toes out and the spurs in the main line, Rowl on.

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