Hanging out in March

Well the cold (well I hope) rodeos are over with, seem like so far this winter every indoor rodeo was nice and hot outside and all the outside arena were freezing cold with rain. Now we are on to March, not a lot planned so far this month. I most likely will venture over to Belen for the NMRA membership rodeo then on to Cali for Needles. After that still working on the schedule for rodeos to go to. But we have had a blast so far this year. Been going a little bit with a young upstart from over in New Mexico by the name of Zach Nugent, show a lot of promise. Brandon was finally able to get freed up from work to go to Apache Junction for the lost dutchman days, he did good, finished second place on saturday there. John has had his nose in the books working way for school. All these young guys, I just turned 41 and it was a good night for me. We got a little wild but not to bad. So going with all these young guys is fun, makes me feel young again, plus I really enjoy razing them for stuff, example not going to mention names, one was so excited after his ride in Apache Junction the first day, had to go glad hand with everyone but when we pulled out and got to my place, about 7 that night he realized he left his gear bag behind the chutes, so we turned around and headed back to pick it up… Then on Sunday I start heading out the door for the perf, cause once again the young guys get so excited he had to be there early enough to help sort stock, that he left his lucky riding hat hanging above the TV, so of course when he called me to see if I was on my way yet or not, I said hell no Im not turning around to go get it… didn’t tell him I had already gotten it for him until I had it in my hand walking behind the chutes at A.J. Told him for now on gonna write everything on his forehead so he doesn’t forget when looks in the mirror. But I had old age catch me when I missed books for my hometown rodeo Queen Creek. It sucked but oh well, it has been in like forever since I just showed up not riding and just holding up the beer stand, that was the night of my birthday, so that added to it… All in all it was a blast. Once I have better feel of where we will all be going I will update everyone on it. But just looking at things right now it looks to be a busy spring starting about mid April for us. A ton of Cali rodeos to choose from to mix in with everything else we will be trying to get to. Well until next time, let the good times roll…

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