Rolling into March

We have wrapped up the month of Feb it was a good month for us, now we roll into March with our heels in the main line. Wickenberg as always was a blast, I ended up winning the SPRA rodeo there, then we headed down to Apache Junction, I won the second round and placed 2nd the 3rd round. Brandon won a 2nd place in the 2nd round. I have had a couple people ask me were is the rest of the guys, well here is quick run down for all of you. John has been busy finishing up school, he is trying to get things done for so he can hit it hard this spring and summer. Brandon finally cracked out in Apache Junction this year has been busy with work and getting into a new place. JT has been in Texas working a ranch over there playing cowboy and from what I can tell he is as happy as can be. You give J a horse and he is in 7th heaven if all he gets to do is ride and rope all day. Brian has been busy working his horse shoeing business and is happy as all get out with how things have been going with his new little family. Its like I tell them the good thing about rodeo there is always one somewhere. Hopefully here soon we will have our selves a reunion rodeo weekend. I could use it for sure.
As we head into March we have Ft Mohave, Scottsdale,Queen Creek and Cave Creek for sure, we have also been discussing a few other rodeos to hit and work in, I have been traveling a little with young guy out of New Mexico, Zach Nugent, I think he has what it takes to go somewhere. Its always good for a old fart like me to travel with the younger guys it keeps me young. I think Zach is a mere 23 so he has a long rodeo career in front of him. But its been blast running with him a little. I plan to take a weekend off in March to head up to Flagstaff to see the Casey Donahew Band at the Muesum club. Had a blast last year when they were in AZ, so looking forward to it this year. After that its back to riding those wild horses.. In April we will be spending a lot time in Cali hitting all those good shows over there. After May I will get back to my senior circuit rodeos and working in anything else I can get to as well. Well until next time keep your spurs in the main line.

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