Wrapping up the year

Now we are rolling into November, looking ahead towards the Grand Canyon Finals in Loughlin, NV. Its shaping up to be a good time and might be one of our best finals yet. John rolls in the Grand Canyon number one and I don’t think he can be caught. But he still has two rank ones to ride. He was in Brawley, CA last weekend didn’t fair to well, was able to muster up only a 61 pt ride, but he said he felt good towards the end of the ride. Now we are looking at heading to the Gilbert Days rodeo this weekend, should be fun, im glad they brought it back this year and excited to get back on again. But I have been doing little bit more laying around and still can’t wipe the smile off my face since winning the senior pro world title. Its strange at first I was like huh, just another rodeo, then it started sinking in a little and after my last ride it really kinda hit me. 25 years of spurring, bucking off, missing out and just letting it hang out of riding bucking horses I finally got something that can’t be taken away from me. Its a humble and great feeling. Especially when I got to watch the the Hall of Fame induction and seeing all those guys their whole lives chasing white lines and gold buckle dreams, makes you proud to be a cowboy and very lucky and blessed to live a in country that lets you rodeo. It was well worth it, I would recommend it to anyone who has rodeo there whole life, just cause you turn 40 does not mean you gotta hang it up… The whole week was a blast, got to see some old friends even from High School that were competing in it. A guy I always thought rode good and buddy of mine won the Saddle Bronc riding title, Dean Schlatmann, it was awesome, especially when you see guys there with there old NFR jackets on behind the chutes, talking about those days and chasing that big dream the NFR and the Gold. It added even more excitement to it, that they have been to the top of the mountain but getting to compete with them and against them at rodeo that means so much to us once you pass your prime according to some (lol)..In short it was a blast, a shout out to Brandon and his mom and dad that came to support me, shout out to Justice and your mom for comng, then my girl Ash and the baby being there with her family it was well,very flipping cool. Speaking of Brandon he is heading out today to the Clint Cannon Bareback riding school, I spoke to him earlier and he is all pumped up to get around those guys who are the best at what they do and able to learn from them. I told him to soak it up like a sponge and have a blast. Really excited to see him ride at the Grand Canyon Finals when he gets back. Brian has been busy shoeing and saving up to crack out next year, he said he just gets the itch so bad to spur something. I figure by now that couch arm has got holes kicked in it. JT has been in TX and OK working and cowboying, he said he is getting close to cracking back out as well. He had some nerve damage that has bothered him for awhile but said its all but gone now. I will try to update everyone once we are done at Gilbert Days, then we head in turkey day and leave the next morning for Loughlin. Holidays are just around the corner and its only been getting better, Im really excited to about next year the possiblity of all of us going hard again. Well until next time may all your gold buckle dreams come true, may your heart and try keep you a spurring every jump, just letting the good times Roll!!!

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