Finals in the Air

I love this time year, the weather cools way off, which in Arizona makes it so nice and glad to live here. But was is even better is all the finals this time of year brings around. Its a great feeling to be qualifying for any finals and be part of the cool weather, it sets in a rodeo fever and the only way you can go is if you are looking at a Finals somewhere. I have been busy getting ready for the Senior National Finals, been working out and preparing hard, but kinda hit a snag this week, I really tweeked my back, its numb for the lower right side down my ass cheek, but it feels better today, gotta few more days until I head out to Vegas for the finals. Feels good going in number one in the standings but it also puts a different pressure of keeping aggressive. After the Senior National Finals, it will be time for the GCPRA Finals in Loughlin, its gonna be our best finals we have put on, the jackets are pretty sweet with good money, nice indoor building, and good stock it should all add up to be a good time. Gonna step out on a limb though and enter the Steer Wrestling looks like they will be a few guys short for the 15 holes and they want to fill all 15 spots, so I told em I would enter it if they don’t get anymore guys to wanna come. Its been since college since I jumped a steer from horse back, so this could be real interesting or just maybe my event for when I hang up my riggin. So hopefully it will allow me to collect more cash rather than more dirt, but we could always bet on it, especially since we will be Loughlin at the Avi Casino. John has had a really good year, he will go into the GCPRA finals number one, he has a nice lead going in so hopefully he comes out on top, he also qualified for the Tourquise Finals but did not go, and yes I cussed him, lol. He had school… Priorities right… Brandon is all but healed up from this shoulder injury and is heading out to the Clint Cannon Bareback school in November with a few guys then gets to turn right around and head to GCPRA Finals, im looking forward to seeing how much he improves, remember he only started about a year ago and has really taken to ridin buckinig horse, I think he could do something with it if ever decides to. Has the heart thats for sure. Before the fiinals we will be hitting the Gilbert Days rodeo, really happy they were able to bring that back, its so nice to just have to drive a few miles vs. all day, all night and then some to get on one. Be a nice little warm up for us. Plus gives us more time to hang out with family and friends. This weekend we will be going the Skippys bar and gril Holloween party, its a annual event and last year was awesome had a great time looking forward to it. But all of this is a pre curser to the NFR, some will go to Vegas and party there butts off like we did last year, some will hang at home and watch on TV while others will hold NFR party’s for friends and people to come over and get everyone all fired up to crack back out in January… Its funny what this time of year does to a rodeo cowboy, he thinks about all the rodeos the last year, all the times he took advantage of good draws and all the times he messed up a good draw, all the money spent, all the driving, all the GOOD times, then watching the finals says next year is my year, I go a step farther to the ultimate goal of the NFR… Thats why the word quite is not in our vocabulary, we use words like try, heart, baredown and cowboy up.. Like I said this time of year is the best in my opinion, I think the horses buck better the rodeos are a little funner and time to dream big for the following year. We hope to see at one of the finals we are going to, if not, safe travels this winter and let the good times roll. May your horses buck, your beer stay cold and your spurs never miss a lick.

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