Finals are around the corner

As we roll into the end of September, that means one thing finals are just around the corner. Quick recap on the year, John is leading the GCPRA and with two rodeos left looks to be heading into the finals in the #1 spot, he has also qualified for the Tourquise Circuit Finals. He had to earn it, he made weekend of driving pay off for him. All in four days, he started out driving to Silverton TX, got on turn around drove back to Payson for his first horse, got off turned back around and headed back to Silverton for his second horse then got off jumped in the truck beard and all to head back to Payson for second horse. With all that, it paid off, he won enough that weekend to secure a spot for the Tourqoise finals. Brandon has a had a tough little run here of late, he has torn his shoulder up after his ride in Williams, AZ over labor day weekend and hopes to be ready for Benson and the Finals coming up. I have been busy chasing the Senior Pro Rodeos, I was able going into the last weekend of the year able to secure up the number one spot in the World Standings heading into Fernely NV this weekend. I’m hoping to put some more points between me and the second place guy as I keep chasing this world championship. Trust me they have made me earn it this year, between injuries and long drives its made for a long year. Once I get back from Fernley I have a weekend off then we all go to Wilcox and Benson to win some more money for the GCPRA Finals in November in Ft Mohave. It looks to be a great finals with how things are shaking out. The top 15 guys all are capable to spur one down and win the average there, so it should make for a good finals. Im really looking forward to having a few weeks off here pretty quick to rest up and catch my breath and heal up. When I was up in Wyoming I got to go to Wildman Riggins (Larry Sandvick) I was like a kid on christmas morning looking at the riggins and handles, it was awesome. Larry helped me build up a glove and I got to see first hand how he makes his riggins, and let me say this he puts everything he has into making the best riggin out there. Being a past NFR qualifier a guy can’t get anyone with better exprience making them. While in Wyoming I was at Douglas during my ride I felt something tear or pop in my leg, it turned that ugly black and blue all the way and down the back of it. So I thought hey I will take a weekend off and let it heal up, but then I thought well lets cowboy up and get one, as fate would have it, that horse I got on did a little flip and rolled right onto my leg and pinning it into the ground, it tickled to say the least. So I had to take a few weeks off for sure. But now I feel like its close to 100% and looking forward to this weekend to distance myself a little bit further from everyone else. Well until next time tuck your chin, set your feet and let the good times roll.

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