July in the books

July is officially in the books for us. The month was long, seemed like every rodeo we went to had a down poor of rain, which is good we have needed it but made conditions little wet and wild for us at some of the rodeos. The good news we got to get out of the AZ heat a lot and go to Colorado, nothing like the nice cool breeze in the mountains to make you feel good. A quick re-cap, starting with the fourth run, we were coming off our runs in New Mexico and looking forward to the 4th of July. Starting at Show Low we finished out of the money, moved on to Prescott, were it was nice and cool. After that we headed to Springerville, had good ones drawn up, asked Scott to buck us first so we could make Window Rock the same day. I finished up 3rd, Johnny got banged up pretty good from hangin up to his horse, after that and by the time we got gathered around and with the time lost there was no way we were going to make it to Window Rock, we then decided to hang out with the rodeo annoucer James and his family that night. Had a good dinner then headed up to Steamboat Springs, CO to get on some wild rank SouthWick horses, we were pretty excited to get up there to get on. The arena just about floated away with all the rain that was coming down. The arena turned into, in short, a soup bowl, Johnny made a great ride to split first, I got to swimming in the soup. Jumped back in the truck and headed for Pagosa Springs, were we found the arena to be a little bit better it wasn’t soup but mud up to your knees. The horse just bogged around in the mud and made things interesting for us. After that we finally got to get home after 11 horses in 17 days starting with our run in New Mexico we were feeling pretty sore. Got to go home for weekend, were I decided to buy a new little 2 year old colt that Im pretty high on, I think he will turn out to be a great roping horse. Oh and did I mention another goat, that we named mister, cool little guy runs around and try’s to keep all the other animals in check. I kid around saying since he is only knee high that he has small goat syndrome. hahaha. He likes to bow up, like he is the biggest guy on the property, try’s to push the horses out of the way to eat there hay, he stick his head on there leg and try’s push them out of the way. The horse just shrug him off to the side, he then comes back around try’s to jump in the feeder bin and sit on top of the hay. Its pretty funny to watch actually. Johnny headed out to Westcliff and Manassa to ride, the following weekend, I stayed home to let my neck heal up from hitting the ground so hard in Steamboat, it was pretty sore. Johnny had a decent run in Colorado, picked up check out of Westcliffe, then we headed over to Durango, Snowflake and Norwood to finish out the month. Now we are getting ready for August runs, we got some good ones planned up. Heading to Colorado and Wyoming, then back home by labor day for the Williams and Sonoita rodeo’s, then we are pretty much gone every weekend somewhere from what we have talked about. Lots of good quick runs coming up. Well until next time keep your chin tucked, toes out and let the good times roll.

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