Weekend at Home

Well we all decided to go to a concert last night, went and saw the Josh Abbott band. Everyone had a good time and had some good laughs actiing like dorks. Well worth it tho, good way to blow off steam. Missed books for a few rodeos this weekend so we are just gonna relax at home and start getting ready for the end of June and roll into the fourth of July. Been busy working on a few things around the house and for the group. Finally got John’s page up on the website, been working on putting together some magnets for our trucks for going down the road, t-shirts and finally getting some new riding shirts done. Gets a little hetic trying to figure it all out plus do all your daily stuff that we have to do and do it right. But I think its all going to be worth it in the end. Looking forward to hearing on something I have been working on for the last few weeks, it could be a really good deal if it falls through so I have been pretty excited about it. But it will also be a little nerve wrecking as well. But O well hopefully it will open some doors for us in other area’s as well. The house has been really nice that we finally got settled ini had to some wire fencing up around the horse corral for the goat, but once I was done I no longer walked away after 1 hour of putting it up got to the back door and sure enough the damn goat got out. How in the hell, that little guy can slip and slide through anything. O well Ima thinking we just let him roam around, he will at least keep the weeds down. Thats my excuse for building something he can escape out of. Weekend of June 22 and 23, we will be working Taos, Abbique and Raton in two days, so I will get to see how I hold up getting on two in one day. Could be interesting for what the rest of the guys call a old man, but I still feel like Im 28 so there I tell them, they complain about aches and pains more than I do. hahaha. Hopefully by July fourth run I will have some amazing news for everyone and it will only make going down the road that much fun. Pretty excited, things look good and from what I have been hearing it looks real good so we will see. But once we get the T-shirts done I will let everyone know on that as well. The should be pretty cool, I think anyways, I hope everyone that said they wanted one gets one. But the rest of summer looks pretty busy for us going down the road, should be gone most of July and end of June. Gonna have to come up with away to get free gas from our government or the oil companies, if I do I for sure will share with everyone for a little cheaper than the national average, lol. Well until next time keep the good times rolling.

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