Rolling into summer

Well made it through May and getting into the summer runs already, this year has flown by. Seem like january was yesterday when we were talking about what rodeos we wanted to go to. Its been a little hetic thats for sure so far. Things have been going fairly well the checks have been far and inbetween, but non the less we are lookin forward to that becoming more frequent. John Killian has been added to the group now, I think he is more excited about that riding bucking horses. Just Kidding. I will be traveling with him pretty much the rest of the year now. Brandon is still recovering from a broken wrist he got from his hang up at Globe. He is hoping to be ready to roll by the fourth July. I have been able to keep my number one spot in the senior pro rodeo world standings for my age group. Thats been my main foucs so far. Went to Oklahoma and then flew back in on the same weekend to ride in Globe on Sunday. I was running on about 2 hours of sleep since I got off my horse in Oklahoma sat night, jumped in the car drove to Dallas, cought my flight back to AZ then headed up to Globe with Brandon. Made a solid ride but my horse slipped and was awarded a re-ride I ended up falling asleep before I could take it. I was pretty wore out. Brandon had a good horse but ended up hangin up after he spurred over its neck. John won a check from his ride saturday night . I headed out next to Silver City had a good horse drawn up, made a ride but they really docked me on my spur ride. We have a few weeks off then we head out to Abbique, NM, Taos NM and Raton NM. Then we right back into the fourth run. We will be in show low, prescott, springerville, window rock, steamboat springs, Co and then finish with Pagosa Springs, Co. Looks to be a good run for us. Then I will venture off to a handful of Senior Pro’s then hook back up with everyone towards the end of July going into August. Also have been working on a big thing for me on the side that Im pretty excited about, but been keeping it hush hush so I don’t jinx it. But from everything I have had to do it looks really good. Im pretty excited about it. I figure it can only lead to good things for me later. Once I know the how it all pans out I will let everyone know. But its really exciting to think of the possiblities it may open up for me. I have had some e-mails on the t-shirts and we have been working on them, well not as hard as what we have wanted to. But things look good to hopefully have them ready by July. Its not that design is so awesome or something, we have just let the ball drop on that. But now we got it picked back up and running hopefully forward. Im hoping that in the next month or so JT and Brian will be ready to crack back out. JT has had some serious back problems with his arm and nerves in his riding arm. Brian has been preparing his new home and getting ready there new arrival. We have had a lot going on this year so far. I do apologize for not doing a better job of keeping the Blog up dated, just been so busy as of late. I will try better this summer at the very least do some quick updates for everyone. I would like to thank everyone for following us and looking at our pictures. Up to 10 thousand hits this year, thats good to see. Until next time keep your toes out, chin tucked and a heart full of try.

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