Spring Time

Well we are fast approaching June and May looks booked up for now. Its been a long slow quite year so far, but you gotta keep you attitude right and ready for anything. Just got moved into my new place, its pretty nice I think Im gonna like it alot. We will be having a house warming party one night here very soon, so your all invited, it you read this far. Ha. Last weekend we were up in Cottonwood, Brandon placed and got his pockets lined with some bills. I was happy for him, only going on his second year of ridinig and he has been working hard at it and making every ride count. Brian has been busy tending to some exciting times in his life with the new baby and getting married. We are all really happy for him and hope nothinig but the best for him. He keeps saying once he gets cought up a little he is gonna crack back out, but I think he is enjoying life to much right now. This coming weekend looks to be a big run for us, Brandon is up both nights in Globe, I fly out to Okalahoma for two rodeos then back in Sunday morning to head up to Globe for the sunday perf. Then we roll right into Payson and Las Vegas, traveling with the Arizona Trail Blazers that weekend, should be fun, then off to Safford for two days. Then wrap up May with Silver City and Santa Maria Ca. Then its June, I have a ton of stuff to get done around the house but it looks like it will get put on the back burner for now. Got my cousin coming up hopefully tomorrow to change out my brakes, I know I could do it myself but I just can’t find time to do it. So he is gonna do it for me while I tend to other things. Coaching baseball this year has brought on a whole new challenge of its self, due to the extra driving I do for it, we play at a variety of fields and that keeps me hopping make sure everyone is on time and knows were to go. I was however able to last week do a little roping and get some work in on my new horse, so that was really fun and relaxing. But now we are full steam ahead into the rodeo schedule and it looks like its gonna be a fun summer. I will update everyone after this weekend and let you know how our weekend went. I will try to put updates on Facebook as well. Also wanted to thank everyone for taking the time view our blog and pics. Our numbers for hits over the last week have been really crazy can’t figure out if people are looking for us cuase we are in trouble or interested in what is happening with us. Im a picking whats been happening with us, especially since I have not really taken the time this year to blog much. Been a little hetic to say the least but it looks like its gonna settle down and we can get back to doing what we love and thats chasing rodeos, wild times and wild rides. My closing remark comes from a bunch of college kids that passed us on the side of the road and yelled out to us – PARTY NAKED!!
Toes out, chin tucked and just enjoy the ride.

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