Rolling into the end of March

Well March has been pretty quite for us so far, everyone has been busy getting caught up from the winter. We have a few rodeos coming up that we will go to, Cave Creek and Queen Creek at the end of the month. After that looks to get a little crazy with some rodeos coming up in California. Pretty excited about getting back out on the road again and getting on some good horses. I did in March win $250 bucks on the chicken drop for St Patty’s day, so that was cool. As far as rodeos go its been a little slow this year for us, don’t know why just has been, but its all part of it. April looks to see us in California quite a bit as well as May. Mid May I trek off to Oklahoma for a SPRA rodeo then fly back to make Globe for the sunday perf. I plan to jump in with Arizona Trailblazers for a few runs this spring and summer, Chanuncey has a bunch of rodeos lined up to get to. So it should make for some good stories and fun times running with them. Before we know the fourth run will be here and it looks to be a exciting time this year for the fourth of July. Chipper has already called and wanting to reserve a high chair again to go with us. He went with us last year and hung out, he is full of laughs, so that should make it a good time. But we plan to get things picked up and get back to our normal selves with some good wild stories and high scores. Until next time, keep a scratching and kicking, cuase try always pays off.

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