Apache Junction

Well its been a long Feb. this weekend we roll into ol Apache Junction, we ride there sat and sun afternoons. We have been on little bit of a dry spell as of late. Seems everytime someone jumps in with us they have a run of good luck going, which is nice to be around it makes you wanna step up your game even more regardless of what you draw, you seem to go at it a little bit harder. We are looking forward to AJ and placiing high in the money. Looks like there is a good turn out for as well, over 14 BB riders each day is what I was told. Now its time to gritt our teeth and take home the cash. Good news is even though I have not felt good about were Iam with my riding I have been able to grit it out to the number one spot in SPRA World Standings for my age. I know its still really early but it still a good feeling right now. Look forwrad to seeing you all at Apache Junction, then its looks like Buckeye, Queen Creek and Cave Creek after that. we wil be taking a rest for a few weeks to let the body heal up a little. I think we are all looking forward to having a fist full of dollars and catching a plan to somewhere to spur one. Keep you chin tucked, toes out and spurs in the mane line.

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