The winter keeps on rolling

Well we finished up Buckeye and Lake Havasu. It was just me and John Killian and his dog Leroy (coolest looking little wiener dog around) this last weekend running together. Proved to be a good weekend for us. We hung out Sat night and watch the old western the Rounders, which is a funny movie and Highly recommend to anyone who likes old cowboy movies. We got up Saturday had a late start but got things gathered up and packed. Headed to the arena, I decided I was hungry so picked up so Micky D’s before I rode, mistake, second or third jump out I thought for sure it was coming up. Held it down and finished my ride was winning the rodeo going into Sundays perf at Buckeye. It was a cool rodeo, Honeycutts did a great job putting it on, we a great crowd there that showed up so it made it a lot of fun. Dan Fowley called the play by play for the weekend so it had a great atmosphere to the rodeo. Buckeye made some awesome improvements at the Equestrian Center it was really nice. After I finished my ride we packed up and headed for Lake Havasu, got up there and stayed at the Nautical Resort on the Island it was pretty cool. I didn’t expect it to be so nice for the price, but I guess it worked out since it was the off season for us, they were one of the host hotels for the weekend. We at dinner at Barely Bros had a good dinner and suprisingly we hit the hay early. Woke up caought us some quick breakfest at Mickey D’s again and headed to the arena, I ended up turning out my draw, John had a good horse of Busters and it worked out for him as he ened up winning the rodeo. If he keeps this up might have to add him the Wildbucnh as a full flag member. We stayed and watched a little of the rodeo, they had a great turn out for the crowd and it was a good rodeo to be entered in. Caught us some dairy queen on the way out of town and headed south for home. A good friend of ours was a having birthday get together so we stopped in and grabbed a few cold ones and burger. Had some good laughs with Chipper for his birthday and then headed home to get the new week under way. We have a full schedule coming up in the next few months with GCPRA, PRCA and SPRA rodoes all going on across Arizona. So it should be a exciting month for us. Looking forward to it and having some fun. Well until next time sit your feet, tuck your chin and let the good times roll. As the wheels on our turcks roll so do our spur rowls.

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