Just getting warmed up

Well the 2012 rodeo season is upon us and we are just getting started. We finished up the membership drive at Wildhorse Pass, it was a good rodeo, lots of contestants and some good times. The stock was good all the way around and now we are starting to get into full swing of things. The rodeo didn’t go very well for any of us but its a marathon not a sprint… Heading out to Buckeye tomorrow, should be a good rodeo. Then we will pack up and head for Lake Havasu after we ride tomorrow night. Its shapping up to be a good weekend of rodeos for us. Been working out all week and preparing to be first in line at the pay window this weekend. After this weekend we are off to Yuma, Wickenberg, Apache Junction, Scottsdale and Bullhead. So far as we look at the schedules looks like if we can stay healthy and ride up we should have a good start to the year going into spring. Looks like we will miss Tucson this year, that sucks but the good news is there is always a rodeo somewhere. Been getting thiings around at the house, JT has been riding horses for people, he has more horses than he has hay, but that is the norm now a days I guess. Brian has been busy shoeing and preparing for a new adventure in his life that he has coming up. Brandon has been working out of town over at the mines, he complains about how cold it is over there all the time. I have been hearing from people we need to get more pics up, but its been hard since all our pics go to Facebook, and no excuses just haven’t taken the time to move them over. Its been a busy start to 2012 already hopefully it slows down some and we can get back to concentrating on rodeo again. Last year proved to be a fun year, injury bug hit us a little last year so Im hoping this year we can stay away from it. I will update on how this weekend goes for us when we get back. Looking forward to getting back out on the road and riding some bucking horses again. Chasing white lines, tail lights and mane lines. Jump for Jump we go.

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