End of Year Wrap up

Well we closed out the the GCPRA Finals a few weeks ago and now we are getting ready to enjoy the end of year coming up. This last year was a pretty dang long. We broke in a new member Brandon in the Bareback riding, he did good this last year winning some money and qualifying for the Finals. JT started out on fire then he got banged up and spend the rest of the year getting healed up, working and getting ready to start the year off with a bang in 2012. Brian took it slow this year, he hit a few rodeos but not much, he moved and found a new light in his life. He said he is looking forward to going hard in 2012 and wants to hit as many rodeos as possible. He has been doing the same as JT working hard to save up money to go next year. My year was long, I had started off hot riding good, but then at Cottonwood I broke my hand after the whistle, cracked back out over July then tore myy bicep on my winning ride in Crownpoint, NM then in September I bucked off pretty hard and the horse came down on me breaking four ribs and punctured my lung. I did everything to be healed up before the GCPRA Finals. Brandon and I were the only ones that got to represent the wildbunch there. I was pretty weak still but felt good enough to ride so I went on with it. Brandon had a good ride the first night to place in the money but missed his mark out. Then we both had a bad Saturday afternoon. The Finals were the best GCPRA has put on, nice back numbers, good livestock all the way around and top cowboys in the state all met up at WildHorse Pass. They did go around buckles, average buckles and saddles for the year end champions. A very good buddy of mine won the year end, he had made two solid rides and walked away from the finals as the 2011 Champion Bareback rider. Coongratulations Adam. What was nice to see was the talent all the way through the rough stock events some of the top cowboys in the state all competed and all rode good. Justice our Barrel racer and breakaway roper narrowly missed qualifing for the finals in her events, she mmoved down here in September and she is wanting to push hard for the all around next year for the womens events. We broke Tiffany in as a new Secretary at our rodeo’s and now she wants to start competing in the barrells as well. So next year is looking to be filled with good rodeos, wild times and just getting down the road to the next rodeo. We have all set our sights high from the way everyone is talking, the last two years have been slow for us. We are all hoping to be healthy and ready to roll in 2012. Now its time to get totally healed up, hit the gym and get ready for the 2012 season. We are all looking at the big winter rodeos to go to.
I personally fly out to Vegas to catch the last two rounds of the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. I will be meeting some friends up there and look forward to having some fun in Vegas. Hopefully we don’t have any hangover movie events but it is Vegas and who knows what could happen there. But Im looking forward to putting this year in the books and preparing for next year and no better way of doing that than in Vegas. Happy Holidays to all of you, hope Santa brings you what you have been wanting all year. One side note our goal on the T-shirts is to have them out by middle to end of January of 2012. Trying to get a group of us to settle on a few designs is always a task. But once we get them out I hope everyone gets one. Well until next time, set your feet and go for the gold.

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