The year is wrapping up

Well its been a long fall so far. Quick recap we started out in Reserve, NM, went to Williams for two days and Sonoita for one day over Labor Day. Followed up with St Johns and then headed into last weekend to Holbrooke and Duncan. We had a tough go at em all September, we were all drawing mid to botton of the pen, getting on some eleminators. Headed into Holbrook looking for placing I ended up fourth after being lead around the arena on a horse that should of been good but just had a off night with me. Brandon had a good one drawn up but again the horse had a off night. Adam drew right in the middle of the pen had a good ride to finish up second place. After that we got treated to the VIP room got fed got to watch our rides back on the big screen. Holbrook went all out gave each winner for the performance vest and a bottle of Pendleton. It was really cool of them to do that for us. Had some good food for us and had couches and free drinks in the VIP room. We took advantage of the food and drinks, watched our rides and got to BS with everyone it was pretty neat. We then headed over to Show Low, found a place to shot to some pool have a few drinks and then got some good sleep in. Took our time down to Duncan to enjoy the nice pine weather in Arizona, the weather was so cool and it felt good. Rolled into Duncan slept for about a hour or so then got up had a drink and headed to the arena to ride. Scott brought some bucking horses now, some new ones he has picked up and all of them fired. My ride started off good then ended with a helicopter ride to hospital. Punctured lung, four broken ribs and they pumped out 700 cc’s of blood. Now im on the healing side of things again for the third time this year. Hopin got be ready for the GCPRA finals at the end of November. But the lesson learned was I will be investing in a vest to ride in for now. The helicopter ride was cool tho, got to sit right up front and see everything, even tho it was night time. I asked the pilot how the hell can he see, and he showed me his night vision goggles he wears, they were pretty cool. You could see everything with them on. The injury will take some time heal up from but I expect to be back sometime shortly. Its all part of it, I have been lucky so far with major injuries but I guess I was due. If it was easy then we all be world champions at some point in our lives. Brandon and the guys will be going to Wilcox and Benson to close out the GCPRA season. They all better ride up and get some money won for the finals. Well until next time keep mind in the middle, toes out and your chin tucked.

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