Heading into the Labor Day Rodeos

Reserve went good everyone rode well, the weather was awesome nice and cool. Its always good to get up in the high country it feels so good. Got some good news, Brandon won his first rodeo in the Bareback riding, it was really cool. He got on a good bucking horse that really fired right out of there with him. He made a solid ride all the way through. It was a great way to get his confidence up heading into the Labor Day Rodeos. I had a horse that just kinda looped off to the right, didnt buck hard enough to get into the money. But the big part of it was making sure my arm was good and it held up. JT has been hard at it at the feedlot riding and roping wild ones all day long. He is said he is so looking forward to getting back to a rodeo and having some fun. We head to Williams for two days, then Sonoita on Monday. Looks like we will be getting on some buckers everywhere we go. Nothing but good horse waiting for us. After this weekend we will be heading to St Johns, AZ .. We will be hitting it pretty hard over the next 6 weekends should make for some fun stories for us. We got back into town Saturday night late around midnight went to Skippys and Angie was waiting for us with two cold ones and they hit the spot. On the way home we got pulled over, for the first time ever in Arizona I got a warning and not a ticket. It was all I could do to keep from offering him a beer for just giving us a warning ticket. We celebrated Brandons win at Skippy’s wiith some friends for a few hours then hit the rack. Now we are looking forward to the big weekend and it should be good. I will keep you updated as we go and let you know how we do. Until next time tuck your chin, turn your toes out and let the good times roll.

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