Hot August Nights

Got home last night from our last run this weekend. The ligthening is flashing in the distance and its got a slight breeze so I can tolerate the heat outside to type for awhile. The last weekend was okay for us. Had some problems at the start but it all worked out in the end. We were all to go up together but ended up taking seperate rigs to the rodeo. JT got caught up working and unloading cattle all night on the Friday we were to leave. He ended up having a John Wayne weekend working cattle chasing wild ones that got loose. I went ahead and headed up Friday night know we were up in Crownpoint on Sat at 1 pm. Jt said he would catch up, made my pit stop on the way up at Petes, its always good luck and it paid off again. Spent the night in Gallup, NM got up and headed into Crownpoint… The little town was packed, I could not get to a road were in 30 mins I would move farther than 20 feet. So I took matters into my own hands, pulled up to a reservation police officer and asked him if there was a shortcut to the rodeo arena with out the traffice, he said not really this is it. It will take you 30 to 45 mins from here to go 3 miles… So I pulled into the high school parking lot weighed my odds looked at the desert to the road I needed to go to, so I cut right across to the highway. If I was smart I would of taken that in. Since it was 12:15 and the rodeo started at 1 I figured well if Ima gonna be late lets make it a good reason… So I made my own road, went around the fence line and cut west on the highway, Im pretty sure my truck was a cussng me but figured what the hell, dirt roads to the rodeo arena how else could I go wrong. Made it ther got taped, stretched real quick pulled my riggin and nodded my head, long story short I ended up winning it. Hell ya thats how its done, got a nice vest out of it for winning. Sat around and visited with some friends. I didnt realize that I had tore my bicep as bad as I did, I knew like the third jump out but went on with it. I still had to ride at Durango the next day, I taped it up tight and nodded my head, well ended up not being able to make a 8 second ride, double grabbed around 6 or 7 seconds got off with the pick up men and untaped to a black and blue arm. Part of it when it comes to riding bucking horses. Don’t get paid to watch from the sidelines I had to go on with it. So I figure hopefully its not as bad as it looks and I can get back to it by September. JT drew a turd and turned out Colby was up Sat have not heard how it went for him at Durango. Now I just wanna spend August trying to get healthy and ready for the fall run. We visited on the fall run if everything works out right it looks like we are gonna be going hard all the way up til Nov. Lots of good rodeos to go to. So it looks like I will be spending my hot August nites at home trying to get healed up and lookin forward to labor day rodeos. Looks like we will go to Williams, then off to Duncan, then Fallon for the SPRA, then Benson and Wilcox and then what ever we can find to enter that is the plan for now… Then after the GCPRA Finals at Wildhorse pass in Nov. Its skiing season for awhile. Saving up to go to Banf and ski, that would be a bucket list cross off for me. Then hit it hard in the PRCA and everything we can get to is the plan. Well until next time pack your riding pants, set em in the mane line, rear back bareback. Ride up.

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