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What a wild 5 days…. It started with getting my truck broke into that was the low, the high was getting on some good stock and making some good rides. With the way we entered this year and how things worked out it we all were able to spend time with family, good friends and just have some fun. Friday night started with a bang, we Show Low, weather was awesome and put a little hop in our steps getting out of the hot valley. My main worry was my hand, knowing it really hadn’t been tested and knowing if it would hold up for the weekend. I had a great horse of /M Scott Mcdaniels that is good to ride but is strong as well. So I knew once I got off I would be good or heading home early. Well it held up, horse circled around the left which is the wheel house for a right handed Bareback rider like me. We got tapped off and it worked out for a 2nd place ride. JT’s horse on the other hand that night was not that much fun to watch or ride. Brian cracked out had a good ride going until his stirrup leather busted on him about 7 seconds, it cost him a check from what we could see. Show Low is a fun rodeo to ride at and hang out at. We hung around with the rodeo announcer James and Carter one of the pick up men for Scott. Also we broke out a new Bareback Rider as well, Brandon got to compete on his first bareback horse in rodeo at Show Low, he made a good ride full of a lot try. But as anyone just starting out there are those little things you must do and one is getting your mark out. He missed his horse out, but he made a 8 second ride and had something to build from. We were all proud of him for how tried and just kept reaching for the front end every jump. Some good friends came up from the valley to hang out with us and cheer us on. We ended up breaking out the guitar and just having lots of laughs sitting around after the rodeo Friday night. Sat morning came quick…. We hellped James the annoucer take down his equipment to move to the next rodeo. Then helped ship some steers and worm bucking horses. We then loaded everyone up and went to have some bloody marries and breakfest to start the day off right. Got a cockroach infested room two for the girls that were with us and we proceeded to just relax and enjoy the nice weather up in Show Low. Taylor was Sat. I was the only one that got in, and I drew the biggest hunk of crap, three bucks then off to the races around the arena. I seen some good rodeos go from good to bad by switching stock contractors well I see it happening there. I may be wrong, but in the past when you went to Taylor you were getting on some rank, rank horses that bucked and you best bring your A game. But thats how it goes sometimes, after being lead around the arena we went to the truck watched the fire works and headed back to show low to have a good time. Got up Sunday morning went to the lake, had a nice lunch and we headed over to springerville for the rodeo. What a night Sunday night was, we finally got to let our hair down have some fun. Chipper and James had everyone laughing all night long. Got up the next day to ride at 1:30 pretty trying everything to build the energy up to ride. Monday had a pen of horses when it was all said and done not one was marked lower than a 19. It was the buckers, hungover cowboys getting tossed left and right. That was our wild fourth run, there are some good back drop stories that were left out that I will leak out though out the year. But we enjoyed living free and riding bucking horses and just loving life for all it had. Until next time keep your chin tucked and reach for the money.

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