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Well we all got entered up today. Looking forward to fun run and weekend of getting on good bucking horses and taking care of business. Head to the practice pen on Wednesday night to just get a little bit more confidence in my hand. It feels good and seems to be normal again. We have a possible new member to join the group Brandon Smith a bareback rider he will crack out this weekend at his first rodeos. We are going to need all the help we can get to keep pace with the ATB (Arizona Trail Blazers) There all riding good right now and full of confidence. We are hoping from here on out to pull ahead for the Golden Toilet seat. In case you don’t know Cooper came up with us competing for the Golden Toilet Seat, Which ever group has the best year wins it. Right now they are ahead of us, but we are making some progress catching them. Colby has been hitting the road hard and helping us keep pace from what I have heard. Brian Martino will be cracking out this weekend for sure with us that helps us right there, when the tall MT boy gets tapped he rides as good as anyone. So we will pack the trucks and head north, hitting what we can and what we got into.. Didn’t get into everything we wanted though, got drawn out of a few. But most of all looking forward to getting out of this heat for awhile in the valley. It will be nice to be in the cool country for 5 days. It may be hot to them but I garuntee we will be wearing jackets at night… Hot to us is a whole different thing. I will keep you updated as we get closer to the weekend and update our Facebook page with results. Looking forward to be what comes natural a rodeo cowboy again. July has going to CO, NM, and UT so far. Im sure we will be adding a few more to the list as we keep looking at all the rodeos to go to. Well until next time keep your chin tucked and try with all your heart.

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