Cowboy Christmas is coming

We are just still in the first part June and getting ready for the fourth run. Colby has been hard at em, winning some money in Safford, AZ in the bronc riding and hitting everything he can get to. He will be up in Prescott over the fourth as well. JT and I plan to make the White Mountains run if anything is left from the fires up there. But we plan to hit Show Lo, Taylor, Springerville and Pagosa Springs, CO should be a nice four day run. JT has been working hard in getting ready to go. I have been trying to get my broken hand healed up so I can go about 75% there start rehabing it next week and hitting it hard until its time to go. I’m hoping we can get some fishing in a possible a little camping with some friends if everything goes right and we don’t run behind schedule. It will be nice to get in CO this summer and get out of the heat, we have a hand full of rodeos up that we plan to get to. Love the high cool country nothing like when you live AZ and head that way. Righ now we are all placing in the top 5 in our events for the GCPRA and plan after summer to be in the top holes in our events. Thats the goal right now. Well until next time keep your spurs in the mane line.

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