Summer Run around the corner

Well its been a long May since I broke my hand. JT and Colby have still been going strong and riding tuff. Went to Globe to hang out and be with my boys, JT won the bareback riding, Colby went to some other rodeo’s and from what I have heard had a good run, have not talked to him yet to see how it went. But knowing Colby it was all good. We hung out for awhile at the Globe rodeo Moonshine Mafia was playing it was a great time, Tiff and Ash had a blast breaking hears all night long. We ended up just having a lot of laughs and watch some good friends have a good time as well. We ended up staying an extra night just cause we were not ready to go home yet, good times. Scotts horses all bucked hard and it was good watching. On Sunday JT and John got confused on what time the perf started, they did a photo finish it was funny to watch them hustle horses were loaded as they pulled up and the National Anthem was being played, Adam went first but recieved a re-ride and John was second, it so good when all the guys get together to help make sure there riggins are pulled and ready as they frantically get ready to ride, by the time John has his Glove on we had riggin pulled and all he had to do was slide down and nod. He ended up fourth, JT was last had a little bit of chute fighter mind you now I have a broken hand so we had to repull his rig to make sure it was right. Dark Alley of Scotts is a bucker and JT was making a high 80’s ride until he got ripped down. I think if he would of been able to tape and get ready at least half way normal he would of been 89 pts on that pony. We hung out had some laughs and drinks. We are looking forward to June and Cowboy Christmas around the corner its gonna be good. I should be all healed up by mid June hopefully Gallup and then we are off to the races the rest of summer, I have a highs school reunion, looking at our schedule we have planned I might have to miss it to go rodeo, or may only get one night of it, but gonna figure a way to make it work… Looking at flights and we will see, might be a photo finish for me for both rodeos and the reunion that weekend. Looking at Agilent Air and flying up from TX which looks like were we will be at the that time… We will see how it all pans out between now and then. Anyways we will see how it all works out. Live Love Ride and keep your chin tucked. Rodeo Wild.

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