May is here

Wow its amazing the May is here already its really gone since we started getting back out on the rodeo trail. It feels so good to see all your friends everytime you show up. Well Cottonwood proved to be good for all of us that went. One minor little set back but nothing I can’t overcome, I broke my hand, its a clean break no surgery but be out 4-6 weeks not to long but in time for all the June and the big fourth of July run. Well this is how ended up for Cottonwood, JT first in the Bareback and I was second, (hurt my hand getting off a fluke thing) Colby won the Saddle Bronc riding made a great ride on a bucker. It was good to see all of us back in the money together again. We all feel good even me with a broken hand just chmping at the bit to go hard the rest of the year. It got a little wild this weekend no doubt about it, we did tear it up both nights. I stopped in Sedona and enjoyed some scenery and had dinner. It was really a great wild weekend full of fun and pranks. Everyone is up in Globe in a few weeks I will go with everyone to just hang out and have fun. Next were waiting on Brian to crack here shortly and go with us as well, then we all will be back. Until next time keep your chin tuck and just let em roll for 8…

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3X Senior Pro Rodeo Bareback Riding World Champion Professional Rodeo Cowboy
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