Heading to Cottonwood this weekend and looking forward to it. Scotts got the stock so everything will buck and test a guy. I have few friends coming up for the rodeo and they will make it that much better. We are all excited about getting in this groove were in were we seem to place every where we go and that makes life on the road easier. Had a blast in Norco tore it up as always, we had some good laughs hung out in some places we shouldn’t of and just enjoyed it all. It was a good time and my nephew got the buckle JT won, its always awesome when we get to be part our families lives and add to there happiness.. Its like deposits of Karma in the bank and you never know when you need to make a large withdrawl.. I heard that from someone this last week and it has just stuck with me. Its true though, she said it came from a famous hiker or mountain climber but is the best thing I have heard in a long while. I love how you can meet people and learn so much from them. Its just amazing in my eyes. So looking forward to the rodeo this weeknd and living loud. Play hard and enjoy all of it. If you see me I might be holding a cold one and just living out loud so hi I promise I will say hi back… Until next time keep it loose and live love ride.. .

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3X Senior Pro Rodeo Bareback Riding World Champion Professional Rodeo Cowboy
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