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Well I know its been a while since I have blogged anything its been a reall busy few weeks. Its also been a lot of fun, if you follow us on facebook you may be cought up a little. But I’m tryin to save the good stuff for the blogging. Ya.. Needles was a blast it was good to just get back behind the chutes and visit with everyone. Its home and no matter how long its been you feel like you have some back to your home town. I drew a good little horse that is a nice one to ride for 71 and JT had a good one that really got with it he was 77.. Friday night we were sitting 1st and 3rd repectfully. We then hung out with some friends and kept saying we are not going to Laughlin, well its only a 1/2 hour away the more we said no to it the more we wanted to go and yes we ended up there. It was a good time, raised a little trouble but not much, but everyone else we know was there so they all had the same idea.. Everyone basically said the same thing hey I didn’t think you were coming we like you said the same thing.. I guess its one of those things no wants to admit to but end up doing it. Ya we had fun spent the next day floating the Colorado River then went to Pirates Cove wow is all I have to say,,, that place was pretty cool. We had a few drinks and headed back to get on our second one. I was 66 on a horse that ran off, but is usually really good. Jt went 74 on a just a good horse. We finished in the top 4 and were excited and ready to get home. Colby had a bucker and started a good one but ended up not getting him covered. Justice place third in the Barrels in MT and Breakway roping at a rodeo up there.. I heard she tore the town down but its all speculation right now.. To be a true member of the wild bunch there has to be no speculation.. LOL… Were heading to Norco, Ca rodeo next then Cottonwood, AZ then Globe, AZ.. So far we are planning to go hard and ride hard and let the chips fall were they may… Well until next time get that far away look in your eye and deep seat while you hold them for two… Ride up.

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