Living to ride

We will be at Needles for sure…. Then after that its a crap shoot, but we are having fun and living the dream.. Needles then Norco, CA then off to Cottonwood, AZ then we will map out the rest of spring and summer… But so far things are starting to fall in place and I’m excited about the rodeos coming up. I know everyone else is as well.. Colby gave them hell this last weekend in Buckeye, but wound up out of the money but made a good ride.. Colby is up in Cave Creek this next weekend.. The rest of us are still paying off fines and hope to be going in the PRCA very soon… Its just been a regroup year but certain things are changing for the better JT daid it best the other day, we were down but the winds of change are coming and things are starting to fall in place for all of us… So we are looking at dominating the GCPRA reach into the PRCA and do what we love ride the buckers in the mud… Live Ride and Love… See ya very soon… Lovin it……….

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3X Senior Pro Rodeo Bareback Riding World Champion Professional Rodeo Cowboy
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